Welcome to Vital Partners


Vital Partners is the leading Professional dating service in Sydney and Canberra. We have worked with over 30,000 genuine singles since 1986 and we love what we do. We pride ourselves on conducting a careful, systemized screening and qualifying process that ensures accurate profiling. In addition, our honest feedback system offers dating advice that is designed to make romance easy and fun. By working together, we can help you find the love you’ve always hoped for.

about mission

Our Company Mission


To provide thoughtful guidance and heartfelt support to genuine singles whose sincere desire is to form meaningful, long-lasting relationships with a significant other in a safe and secure environment.

about philo

The Vital Philosophy


While we can’t guarantee true love, we do guarantee that you will be provided with a wonderful service that guides, educates and empowers you on your way to lasting happiness.

about promise

The Vital Promise


We promise to make your experience with Vital Partners memorable and positive. By providing mutual respect and understanding, we will do our very best to help you find the love and fulfilment you deserve.

about success

The Vital Partner Success Rate


We have one of the very best success rates in our industry. The key to our success lies in our hands-on, personal approach to finding you a suitable partner. We listen carefully to your needs and methodically match you with compatible, like-minded people.