Living in the South West and looking for a heart soaring moment, filled with fireworks?


The first time you meet the person you’ll share the rest of your life with, deep down inside, something changes. And when you reach the point when you know it’s the real-deal, sparks fly and your whole outlook adjusts to include someone else in your future.

Giving up on finding love doesn’t just mean being lonely or eating frozen meals for one. It means missing out on those one-off experiences that define the rest of your life. So what’s the solution?

Don’t give up!

If you’re looking for love around South West Sydney, Vital Partners will work with you to help you find your perfect partner. Love is our business, and we see it every day. The moment of meeting, the moment of falling and the moment of knowing – and we think everyone deserves those moments.

Our service is exclusive to people who are ready to settle down and find someone to commit to in a long-term relationship. We support you in building a profile that really reflects who you are and what you want, and we screen all clients to ensure they present themselves honestly and transparently.

We know that while some moments just work, others need work, and our commitment doesn’t end with the match. Our simple and realistic dating tips and advice will help you along the path of romance, from where to plan a fun first date to when to give in to that first of many lip-locking moments.

Love is not always easy to find, but the special, unique and life-changing moments make the search worth it!