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Vital Introduction

At Vital Partners, we are committed to find you a long lasting relationship. We totally understand that you wan to have that someone special with whom you want to spend your entire life with. To make this process a bit less tiring for you, we provide a dating service process for singles in Canberra and Sydney to find your potential partner.

  • The matchmaking team is committed to your happiness.
  • Since its inception in 1986, we have worked with over 23,000 genuine single men & women and have successfully introduced hundreds of happy couples over the years.
  • Your search for true love ends here. Call us now.


Here's why Vital Partners is unique for Genuine Singles:

  • We guarantee to introduce to genuine singles – which you can meet in person. We care for you and make our best possible efforts to ensure that you find your right one.
  • To find your perfect partner, we work with your preferences & requirements and provide only recent profiles and photos.
  • We are always attentive to all your requirements and you can reach our consultants anytime for expert guidance/advice.
  • Meeting like­ minded people is a safe and secure experience at Vital Partners. We screen and qualify your potential partner
  • We provide phone numbers, photos of people through email or mail with whom you'd be interested o date so you can get in touch with more people.
  • Vital is a best choice for busy singles – by registering with us you have an opportunity to meet hand ­selected singles for a one­ on one introduction. This way we save your time too.
  • Clients can easily get in touch with our team on phone, email or visit our physical office.
  • We are the most trusted dating agency for NSW & CT. Our advertising includes social media, outdoor, cinemas, digital and radio.


Pitfalls of online dating

The game of dating online has its own share of disadvantages as you can easily get cheated or even played – you never know whether the person you're dating is married while you think he/she is single. Do you want to be a victim of misleading promises, information frauds, and cheat? Of course no, right? Hence, all single women and men in NS & AC are now turning to Vital to find genuine people and we have been voted as the top preferred destination for offline dating.


Are You Longing To Share Your Life With Someone Special?

At Vital Partners we work with singles who are genuinely unattached wanting like minded people.

  • Singles ready for a family
  • Widowers wanting companions
  • Divorcees open to love again
  • Professionals looking for love

Regardless where you’re at, if you are genuine about meeting your special someone, we are here to help.


"If the magic chemistry between you and your date isn't there we just continue to introduce you until you find that special someone. "


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