12 Unconventional Valentine's Day Dates


Are you bored of dinner and a movie dates? Spice up your Valentine’s Day this year and take your loved one on an unconventional date! Here are our favourite ideas for Valentine’s Day or if you’re feeling like doing date night:

Cooking Classes

It’s easy to make a reservation and eat dinner that’s been prepared for you by a chef. The alternative to this is to go to a cooking class with your partner! Cooking classes allow you to explore each other’s food palettes and learn new things about one another. Joining a cooking class is especially rewarding once you’ve completed the class and sit down to enjoy it with good company. This could be a real fun way to really spend time with someone you love.

Comedy Club

Laughter is the world’s best medicine! Don’t underestimate the power of going to see a comedian. Having a great time together not only places your relationship in a positive vibe, it also strengthens your relationship. Check out your local comedy club as they usually have shows regularly. Sydney comedy clubs include, The Comedy Store (Moorepark), The Factory (Marrickville), Frightnight Comedy Theatre (Leumeah) and many more.

Personalised Scavenger Hunt

Since when was it a rule to go out for a Valentine’s date? Prepare a scavenger hunt for each other around your home and have a little friendly competition. The winner can buy dinner!

Dance Classes

There’s nothing quite like a dance that can unify you and your partner. Learning something new with your partner is a great way to discover yourself as well as your relationship. It’ll open your minds and as a bonus, you’ll learn some sweet moves for your next wedding or party.

Go Away for the Weekend

There’s nothing quite like going away with your loved one for the weekend. It’s the best chance to get away from your busy lives and focus solely on each other. You don’t need to go anywhere far, just a spot that feels like you’re away from home is perfect!

Go Fishing or Canoeing

Who says dates need to be indoors? Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and be with nature this Valentine’s Day! Either go fishing at your nearby lake or go canoeing. There are so many different water activities you can do that are both fun and challenging!

Wine/Brewery Tour

Going on a wine or brewery tour is a great date idea as you’ll both get to experience a luxury. You’ll also have the chance to learn new things about your favourite beverages and you’ll feel no guilt for drinking during the day!

Drive-In Movie

Move away from the conventional movie theatre and head to a drive-in instead! Set up a blanket in the boot of your car along with some yummy movie snacks and enjoy the latest flick!

Go Fruit Picking

This is a great idea if you want to get away from technology. Drive to your nearest fruit farm that offers picking and leave your phones in the car! Focus on picking fruit, talking to your partner and having a different kind of fun!

Theme Park

Want to feel some adrenaline? Visit a theme park in your city and bring back your childhood memories from riding on some roller coasters! Don’t forget to indulge in some theme park foods as well.

Couples’ Spa

Indulge with an all time favourite, couples’ spa. Be in each other’s presence as you both relax and be in pure bliss.

Go camping

This is for our nature lovers - camping is such a fun experience for couples. Get dirty and live within nature for a few nights!


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