Are You Ready to Commit?

Are You Ready to Commit?

It's a completely normal feeling to want to marry your date after the first few dinners you've shared together. A breath of fresh air often makes you feel as though you want to commit into this relationship as soon as possible in case it's too late. However it's been said that it takes 2 to 3 years to really get to know someone so when is the right time to commit to someone? How are you supposed to know? Are there signs to look out for? In today's post, we'll give you 5 signs to look out for that will help you decide if you should commit to your date or not!

Getting to know him/her

Learning to trust someone can be extremely difficult so we'll start with getting to know them first. Getting to know a stranger takes time and some effort as well. A few ways to really get to know a person is observing how they spend time with their family and friends. As human beings, we tend to show different sides of ourselves when we're with different people which is normal - committing to someone means getting to know all of their sides.

Comfortable with each other

Being fully comfortable with another person can be difficult if it's the wrong person. The person you commit to should be a person that you feel comfortable with. Comfort takes a lot of time to build and it includes breaking down barriers and revealing secrets to each other. Being 100% comfortable in doing these things are a great way to reach a new level in your relationship.

Am I attracted to them both physically and mentally?

It's easy to become attracted to anyone's appearance or someone's mentality. However it can be a bit challenging to find someone you're fond of with both great physical and mental traits. Knowing what your partner's values and beliefs are from the get go is a great thing as you don't want to find out later along the line that they are completely against something you believe in. It can completely break a relationship and change the way you see someone.

Do they appreciate me for who I am now?

There's a saying that states 'If you can't accept me at my worst then you don't deserve me at my best,' it is completely true as you want someone who will accept you through your worst days and celebrate with you during your best times. You want a partner who will appreciate you fully as a person and not put you down no matter what.

Are they compatible to you and your life?

It's important to commit to someone who has similar goals and an outlook on the future. There is no point getting into a committed relationship when you want to travel the world for years whilst your partner wants to settle down with a family. Discuss these things in a straight forward manner to avoid conflict later on in the relationship. Take this as a basic guide and checklist for you to check off when you progress in your relationship! Good luck!

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