4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Play Games


When it comes to relationships, people tend to play games in order to figure out where the relationship is going. However, playing games in a relationship can be extremely detrimental as it could make you or your partner look like a fool. Playing games can refer to things like, playing hard to get, coming off ‘cool’ to be attractive or more appealing or even talking about an ex partner to gain a reaction. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t play games when in a new relationship.

Mixed signals are a BIG no-no

Never be afraid to be up front and honest, even if it’s your first date. Giving mixed signals are absolutely confusing for your date, especially since they don’t know you. Making your partner read between the lines can be both frustrating and they won’t really know what you’re talking about at the end of the day.

Be honest if you want to see your date again and you’d be surprised!

Don’t play hard to get

The thought of someone who is playing it cool and seeming as though they’re not interested in you is not the way to get into a relationship. Playing hard to get can come off as obnoxious and self centered. For example, if you’re too cool for your date, they may think you don’t want a relationship and instead, you want something casual instead.

Don’t play the rebound game

Being someone’s rebound or dating someone to get over your past relationship can result horribly. Being a rebound or having a rebound means that you’re not emotionally invested, you just want someone to be there for you while you grieve your ex partner. Whilst you may not grow any kind of emotional attachment, your rebound partner might. When the rebound relationship doesn’t work out, your partner will figure out what you’ve been doing and this is extremely hurtful for them and will put you in a lot of guilt.

Toxic relationship

If playing games ends up working for you and you step into a new relationship, this relationship will be fully loaded with games because this is a natural way to act. Starting a relationship with something toxic, will cause the entire relationship to be toxic and unhealthy. This is why first impressions are very important, it foreshadows how the journey of your relationship will be.



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