5 Relationship Myths Busted


Similar to anything else we do in our lives, there are always myths that like to play mind games with us - creating this predisposed thought in our heads. Are dating agencies totally bogus? Is dating for professionals or dating for executives a lot harder in this day and age? In this post, we tackle 5 of the most common relationship myths and debunk them!

All you need is love

Although the foundation of any relationship is love, that's not the whole recipe that makes up for a healthy and strong relationship. You need passion and commitment among other things. A good and healthy relationship is based upon substance as well as having common interests and life goals. Love is a major part however it's definitely not the only ingredient.

I'm jealous because I love her

It may feel this way at first however jealousy is a feeling you feel because of a) insecurities and b) trust issues brought on from past relationships. Just because you feel jealous of your partner spending time with a friend or co-worker more than yourself, it doesn't necessarily mean it's because you love or care for your partner. It could even mean you're being selfish. Remember that in relationships, you need to give each other room to breathe, to interact with others because 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'.

Not telling isn't considered lying

This is a myth we want to bust so badly! A lot of people in relationships who have taken part in infidelity or unfaithfulness think that not telling your partner isn't considered lying. Sure, it's not directly lying, however it is cheating. If you're in a committed relationship and performing unfaithful acts on the side, you are 100% in the wrong. You simply cannot have your cake and eat it too in a relationship. The truth will always come out so it's better to do it now rather than later.

Conflict = Bad relationship

Having small disagreements constantly isn't a sign that you're in a bad relationship. It simply means that you both have your own voice in the relationship which is actually a great trait to have. Couples contrast to this often keep their opinions to themselves even though they feel their point is stronger - from this grows animosity and resentment. Bottling feelings up inside is like a shaken up bottle of soda. It will explode the more you shake it. So hash out everything you can face to face because communication is the key.

Never talk about exes

This is debatable - for the first 6 months to a year, you shouldn't talk about your ex partner. However, when you feel you're in a committed and trusting relationship, you should be able to talk about it openly and with no judgement. Past relationships may be the fuel to some negative words that have been thrown around and resentment in the heart that has never been resolved. Being able to talk about this with your partner will help them understand all those times you've felt angry about something that didn't make sense to them. It's a very big road for you to cross however if successful, your relationship will definitely be stronger.