5 Things Men Do That Turn Women Off


Men and women are two extremely different beings, in saying that, there are things people from the opposite sex do that are considered a ‘turn-off’. In today’s post, we’ll be dissecting the things that men may do that turn off a woman. These are things men do that may prevent you from getting a second date with your love interest and definitely doesn’t do you any favours in life so steer clear of these five things!

High Sex Expectations

So watching porn can be a turn on, but don’t set your expectations to that level when in bed with your partner. If your partner happens to love or hate certain things in the bedroom, you should respect her concerns and feelings instead of making comparisons between her and the woman on the screen. Women are after intimate and physical connection rather than feeling uncomfortable in bed with their loved one.

Involving Mum

There’s definitely nothing wrong with being a mumma’s boy, in fact, it’s a great way to show your partner that you respect your family and there’s a great love between yourself and your mother. However, when your relationship hits a rough patch or you have an argument, try to steer clear of involving family, furthermore, don’t involve your mum. Even when it comes to making decisions that concern only you and your partner, you shouldn’t consult your mother every single time. At the end of the day, you are dating your partner, not your mother.


If you’re on your first date or any date for that matter, don’t brag. Bragging is such a big turn off and makes you look extremely conceited. Remember to have a two way conversation where there are questions and answers on both sides instead of talking about how expensive your car is or how tired you are from your job. A date should be uplifting and happy, keep the conversation as light as possible.

First Date Etiquette

It’s important to have good table etiquette when on your first date to show your date that you have good manners. Leave the burping, talking when your mouth is full and other antics till you’re at the ‘comfort stage’ of your relationship. Women are definitely not expecting you to know the names of all the cutlery at a fine dining restaurant however, normal, everyday etiquette is highly encouraged.

Checking Your Phone

This goes for both sides of the date/relationship. It is extremely rude when your date is speaking and you decide to check your phone. No matter what the situation is, it makes them feel like you’re bored or you don’t want to be there. If there is an emergency, politely excuse yourself from the conversation and make your phone call or text.

These are all things that may turn off a woman during a date or in a relationship so try your best to check yourself! We hope our tips help your next date.

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