5 Things That Change When You Get Married


Marriage is an important part of human life. Everyday, people strive to find that one perfect person that fits into their life like a jigsaw puzzle so they can start a loving family and reach life’s dreams together. However, a lot of people aren’t aware of the possible changes that may take place the day you say ‘I do’.

In 2016, Australia registered 118,401 marriages, this number had increased by 4.2% in comparison to 2015. Legally, socially and emotionally making that commitment is a big milestone of life. Besides the obvious changes like surnames, bank accounts and gaining in-laws, what else changes?

Different Identities

You and I become we and us - this isn’t a bad thing however it’s important to remember that just because you legally signed a document, doesn’t mean your partner and you become one person. Your identity slightly shifts and you tend to think in terms of we and us as you become a family unit. To avoid losing your identity completely, remember to take time to yourself and do things that only you enjoy.

Quick Fights

Now that you’re a team, fighting requires a quick resolution. You don’t want to have arguments that last for days if you’re living under the same roof. As a married couple, you’ll be prone to quick little disputes about silly things - the trick is to dissolve them as soon as possible. When you’re dating, fighting can be spread over a few days of not calling and not texting, however when you live with your spouse, you have to face each other every day.

Regular Double Dates

When you’re married, you’ll probably find yourself going on double dates a lot more often than when you were just dating.Going out with other married couples feels better than going out with singles because you can relate to each other more. You understand what each other are going through and discuss funny stories with each other.

Absolute Comfort

You should feel 100% comfortable with your spouse. There shouldn’t be any feelings of insecurity. Walking around naked should be a normal thing between you and your spouse. When you were dating, you were probably still exploring each other emotionally and physically however once married, you know each other’s ins and outs. There should be a high level of comfort and familiarity between each other.


Activities in the bedroom may change. Studies from Good Housekeeping show that most married couples have sex five times a month which is a little over once a week. Surprisingly, those aged 18-29 (majority are single) say that they have sex twice a week. So what changes before and after marriage that sex diminishes?

“Sex when you’re married is like going to the 7-Eleven: There’s not much variety, but at three in the morning, it’s always there.” —Carol Leifer

The quote above is funny but true. Studies show that sex may decline after marriage due to a loss of novelty or habituation to your partner (Call et al. 1995; Rao & Demaris, 1995; Yabiku & Gager, 2009). This doesn’t mean you’re bored of your spouse, it’s more so the idea that couples feel they don’t necessarily need to have as much sex now that they’re married.

If you’re dating and looking to make the commitment, keep the above changes in mind and prepare yourself for some changes. These changes can be positive ones but it’s ultimately up to you to make your marriage great.

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