5 Things Women Do That Turn Men Off


In our last blog post, we talked about the five things men do that turn women off; this week, we’ll be discussing the things that women might do to turn men off. Generally speaking, there are things we all do that aren’t attractive or a ‘good-look’ to others, however there are specific things women may do on first dates or dates in general that turn off men. Here are five we’ll be talking about and how to veer away from doing these things and run the risk of ruining a good relationship:

Talk About Exes

This is definitely something that annoys both sides - talking about your ex partner is an incredibly huge turn off. It makes your partner think that you’re not over your previous relationship or that you’re comparing your partner to your ex. Either of these things are major turn offs and should make you question why you’re speaking of your ex partner. Do you need closure? Are you not over the heartbreak? Are you ready for a new relationship?

Talking About Themselves

On a first date, it’s always a good idea to be the listener and ask questions instead of talking about yourself the entire date. It can come off extremely self-centered and self-absorbed to your male partner. Make sure there is an equal balance in the conversation at your date and get to know your partner instead of making your partner getting to know you.

Rushing Into Relationships

Talking about marriage and kids are definitely discouraged on a first date. Even though you’re going on a date, hoping your partner will be ‘the one’, don’t make this obvious. On a first date, men definitely don’t want to discuss nappies and a mortgage, they’re on the date to have a great time with you and to get to know you. Let the conversation flow naturally without playing games that test their commitment levels, because they’ll probably fail at this stage.

All Men Are The Same

If you’ve stepped out of a bad relationship and into a new date, you should refresh your state of mind. Get out of the headspace that all men are the same because it’s definitely not. Don’t assume that your date is like your ex-boyfriend or partner because it places them in an unfair game. Letting your past feelings get in the way of a present relationship will negatively impact your feelings and your emotions. Start your date on a clean slate.


Nagging here and there is okay, it’s a part of all of us however don’t make nagging a part of everyday life. If you nag at your partner constantly throughout the day, he’ll stop sharing things with you because he has a fear of your nagging. Keeping things from relationships only end badly, therefore, if you’re about to nag your partner about a little thing, hold your tongue. Complaining too much is a definite turn off for men.


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