6 Signs You've Found The One


When you were young, you probably thought meeting ‘the one’ would be like a Disney movie or a rom-com. In theory, it sounds like a dream to suddenly walk into your dream man/woman on the street or having the love of your life pronounce their love through song outside your house. We’ll set one thing straight, love is definitely not like the movies. For some people, it’s harder to meet ‘the one’ and takes longer for you to realise they are ‘the one’. So how do you know whether he/she is ‘the one’?

1. You can be you, comfortably

If you feel as though you can be real, raw and honest with your partner, you’re heading in the right direction. Being comfortable around your partner is a great thing, because there is no judgement in your relationship. Accepting and embracing your partner for all their flaws and imperfections is a great sign.

2. Best friends

You find yourself absolutely comfortable about telling your partner everything, good or bad. Being your partner's best friend and vice versa creates an incredibly strong connection where you’re both supportive and understanding of each other’s idiosyncrasies. A study conducted by Shawn Grover and John Helliwell shows that “the well-being benefits of marriage are much greater for those who also regard their spouse as their best friend.”

3. Trust

There is no lack of trust in your relationship. A deep connection in the relationship allows you both to feel secure in their relationship, even when you’re apart. Whether you’re having an all boys’ night or all girls’ night, the subject of jealousy isn’t in the equation and you don’t question your partner's loyalty.

4. Common life goals

Sharing a common life goal between your relationship can be hard to coordinate, however it’s a great step in the right direction. This doesn’t mean having common thoughts about the colours of your wall, or choosing a dog, it’s having a shared vision for the major life decisions - buying a home or raising a child etc.

5. You argue

Recently, in the US Midwest, a study was conducted over 14 years, following and studying 79 married couples. The common idea that came from this study is that the strongest couples fought and immediately talked about their argument. They stated that fighting often, keeps the lines of communication open.

6. You’re not afraid to challenge each other

When you’ve found ‘the one’, you’ll notice that you’re not afraid to question their ideas and thoughts. In fact, it’s considered healthy to challenge people and play devil’s advocate once in a while. It’s the perfect way to delve deep into your partner’s mind and figure out the way they think and their trail of thought. Challenging your partner and allowing your partner to challenge you brings a lot of growth to the relationship and you’re able to become better versions of yourselves.

What other things do you think are signs that you’ve found ‘the one’?

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