Afraid of Getting Hurt...Again


Getting over a heartbreak is extremely difficult for even the strongest of people, but putting yourself out there into a new relationship can be even harder. And there’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about if you’re afraid of having your heart broken again.

Heart break is a pain that cannot be described, it affects everyone differently but at the end of the day, it is a negative feeling. Being afraid of getting hurt again is not an issue as it is just a feeling that cannot physically hurt you however, it’s you allowing that feeling to stop you from embarking on a new journey is what will hurt you even more.

When it comes to heart break, we all need to remember that we are still here and although you may feel extremely damage and broken, your heart is still beating as though it were still in tact. Naturally, anyone who has gone through a broken heart does not want to go through it again a second time however, love is all about taking risks.

You may fall in love 10 times and have your heart broken 10 times, however, what if that 11th person is the one? If you are afraid of getting hurt again, you won’t have a chance at love again, which means a big part of life is missing.

So how do you get over your fear of getting hurt?

Before meeting someone new, remember to take some time to yourself. Be single and happy instead of jumping into a relationship that may be a rebound. Allow your body, mind and heart to heal from the damage, vulnerability and insecurity it may be feeling. Although you can’t shake nerves (this will happen regardless!) you need to give yourself time to recover before jumping into something new.

A heart needs to heal.

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