Best Friends First

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Are you best friends with your spouse? Some people are opposed to married couples being best friends. For us, we believe in being best friends first. Let’s talk about the term ‘best friend’. What makes somebody your best friend? A best friend is someone you confide in, someone you talk to about everything. Someone who’s willing to listen and give you guidance. They are there to support you when you’re having troubles, cheer you up when you’re sad and sometimes, they’ll do silly things with you so you can create fond memories with.

So is it a good idea to become best friends with your spouse? The simple answer here at Vital Partners is, yes. We believe that friendship is the base of every relationship, especially marriage. In today’s blog post, we’re going to tell you how to achieve a friendship within your marriage.

Communication is Key

As with every relationship you have in life, communication is key. When married, you may assume your spouse knows what you want or what you don’t want - try to avoid this assumption. Being in a marriage should encourage you to not play any mind games because this will easily place mistrust into your relationship. You want to be able to speak freely to your partner without having to twist your words or feel awkward and uncomfortable.


Miscommunication can be the first reason for partners arguing. Listening is extremely important when communicating - so getting your partner to open up about their feelings is a great way to get to know and acknowledge your spouse. Not only should you open up your ears, you should also open your heart and mind when talking to your loved one. This enables you to learn more about their problems, concerns, dreams and goals.

You Are Equals

Treat your partner like you would treat yourself. This is a vital step when building a friendship within your relationship. When in a marriage, you should remember that no one is better or has more authority - you should be making decisions together as a couple and taking into account all concerns and issues before committing to something.

Reserve Time

Time is often an overlooked factor that can make or break a relationship. Busy lifestyles may interfere with the time that a couple may spend together. Our matchmakers and love coaches encourage you to reserve time for one another. Spending time together increases the bond between a couple as well as keeps the spark alive. In fact, two researchers from the Minnesota Population Center have found that married couples are happier when they spend more time together. It’s important to note that you should spend time together with no distractions and remove all devices. Purely dedicate this time with each other.


As the infamous Aretha Franklin sang, “Have a little respect when you get home”.Respect is not only important in life, it’s also vital in a relationship. Your partner may have different points of view in life with a vast majority of topics therefore, when discussing these topics, be sure to discuss in a respectful manner and understand your spouse's opinions instead of blatantly disagreeing.

Being your spouse’s best friend can be an extremely beneficial part of your connection with one another. There are numerous articles and blogs out there that oppose the idea of having your spouse as your best friend. However, we feel it’s definitely something that should be considered.

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