Breakup Season

breakup season

Although the holiday season is filled with love and quality time, it seems there is an ongoing trend that isn’t quite so festive - breakup season.

Breakup season often happens around the holiday period and we’re here to find out why.

According to a Yahoo survey, people are twice as likely to breakup around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Is it the stress of the holidays? Are the demands of a perfect holiday too much? And how do you cope with being heartbroken over the holidays?

In Australia, the weather is warming up. Couples are less likely to cuddle up in bed and more likely to hit the beach and show off their summer bod for new attention. In fact, a study conducted in Australia proves that 78% of participants - both men and women, feel more socially and sexually adventurous in the warmer months. Dr. Nikki Goldstein, a sexologist and relationship expert says that it isn’t about Christmas per se, it is more about a reflection of the previous year and asking yourself, is this what I want in 2018?

The silly season can also bring on feelings of absolute stress and chaos. Many of us are trying to save up for Christmas presents, dividing up time between families and friends, decorating the house as well as finishing the last few days of work. We understand that this is a crazy time for everyone. If you’ve been casually dating someone, Christmas is the time where you either take it to the next level by introducing your date to your family or calling it quits because it’s getting too serious too soon. Meeting the family is not as simple as it sounds, it might actually be a way of defining the relationship and putting answers to questions like, ‘what are we?’

So how do you overcome a heartache in the middle of festive season? It’s the perfect chance to forget about the things that make you feel upset and welcome the things that make you feel whole - your family and friends are a good place to start. You may have an empty space in your heart after a breakup and you may feel as though you’ll be single for a long time or unable to get back into the dating scene - however you’ll now have all the time you need with your family and friends instead.

If your date has broken up with you right before Christmas, think of it as a way to start fresh for the new year. Don’t let caught up feelings get in the way of your ability to freely enjoy the holiday season as you wish. Be sure to also surround yourself with good company, delicious food and positive vibes.

We encourage you to go out and do things you usually wouldn’t do. Trying new things and breaking your normal routine will take you out of your comfort zone. Breaking your own barriers and challenging yourself is a great way to figure yourself out - a common feeling after a break up is vulnerability and insecurity. If you find yourself overcoming a challenge, you’ll realise that you’ve been underestimating yourself. Change your mentality of ‘we’ to ‘I’ and focus on regrowing your independence.

Break ups over Christmas can be a good thing! It’s up to you to turn it into a learning curve. Once you enter the new year, you’ll come to realise that you can deserve better and Vital Partners can help you. If you’ve always been skeptical of dating agencies, we’ll change that for you. Vital Partners is a dating agency in Sydney that helps genuine single professionals find potential partners. Call Vital Partners now and receive a free consultation (02) 90178400


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