How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Special Someone


Is an upcoming holiday, birthday or event causing you anxiety? That stress likely stems from one aspect of the event: gift giving. The gift you select says a lot about the person you are—and about the type of person you think the receiver is as well. Those in new and budding relationships might feel the pressure even more over the holidays. Even if your significant other will appreciate any gesture you make, you want to do better than that. You want to find the perfect gift that your loved one will actually use and enjoy.

Don't worry. As you strive to make the right choice, consider these tips.

Think About Convenience

To appear thoughtful, many forgo practicality. But you don't have to complicate the process of giving gifts. The saying, “It’s the thought that counts,” holds some truth. Your loved ones may not prefer complicated purchases to easy-to-use ones.

As you shop, choose a gift that's practical and desirable. You may prefer to gift that state-of-the-art computer. But would something that’s easier to navigate work better for your significant other? Something your significant other will use is worth more than a complex gadget or an expensive offering.

Find Out What They Like

The Internet offers a lot of comparison tools that come in handy this time of year. For this reason, give weight to things that your special someone already owns and loves.

For example, if your loved one is a reader, you can use Amazon as a tool to find books similar to ones you know he or she has read and loved. In this way, you can combine convenience and thoughtfulness. You'll end up with a gift that your significant other will love.

This process will require you to be observant. Take note of what your loved one seems interested in throughout the year. Then you’ll be ready come gift-giving season.

Buy an Experience

It can be tempting to take the easy way out and simply get your loved one something expensive. This gesture will tell him or her that you’re willing to spend money, but is it the thoughtful expression you want to send? If you’re looking to really portray your love and appreciation, opt for a gift that provides an experience rather than a material possession.

Concert tickets, a game night, a gift card to a local masseuse or cooking classes can do wonders for your relationship. Not only will it bring you closer, it will allow you to spend time with the person you love.

Give the Gift of Interpersonal Connection

If you decide to go with a material possession rather than an experience, you can still make it personal. Make a selection that hints at a nostalgic memory or has some type of intrinsic value. Promote what really matters in your relationship. Your significant other is sure to appreciate the gesture.

Set Aside Your Own Tastes

When you are gift giving, don't settle on something that you like. You may think that the designer shirt you have picked out is tasteful. But is it something your significant other would pick for him or herself? The hardest part about setting aside your own tastes is recognizing when we’re being selfish. Take the time to evaluate the gift before making a purchase, and you should be fine.

Take a Deep Breath. You Can Do This!

Now that you've got a few expert tips, you should be ready to move forward with shopping. If you are still feeling some anxiety, just remember the reason behind your upcoming purchase. Gift giving can be an excellent way to show someone you care. Have fun with it!