Dating During Christmas

Dating During Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time for us all and it can sometimes put a heavy strain on our relationships. From figuring out gifts, preparing feasts, decorating the house and dividing up time for family - it can be extremely strenuous.

If you're dating someone and it is fairly new, there are probably a few things you have to think about before actually doing it. Will you be exchanging gifts? How much money are you supposed to spend? Will you be having dinner with each other's families? We've gone ahead and eliminated that extra stress by giving you expert advice on how to come to terms with dating during Christmas.

Exchanging of gifts

The hottest topic on the board? Presents. Will you be exchanging presents this year or is your presence enough? It's easy if you've been in a long term relationship - you've probably already established this ground rule years ago. However if you've only dated for a few months, you need to talk about this - what if one person gets a present and the other doesn’t?

Once established, you'll also need to decide on a budget of the presents. We all love to splurge on people we love, however you don't want to spend too much more or too little in comparison to your other half. Set a boundary so there are no awkward moments on Boxing Day.

Family dinners

Most families tend to have a get together during the festive season. If you've been in a long term relationship, you probably already have a tradition of your own. However, for the new couples, it may be the perfect time to present yourself to your partner's family. If you'll be attending each other's family gatherings. So remember to be aware of the situation. Dress appropriately and perhaps bring a small gift - we recommend a nice bottle of wine or something homely.

Quality time

Make sure you reserve some quality time to spend with each other among the Christmas madness. Be sure to set aside a date night - just the two of you and have a romantic dinner together. You'll both feel equally appreciated if you make time for one another.

Avoid arguments

Stressful times can bring heat and aggravation on relationships. It's easy for anyone to snap during a busy period however the best advice we can give? Avoid arguing at all. Christmas is a time to share and love so if your partner is starting to push your buttons, tell them that you don't want to fight and you'd rather have a good time. Set aside those feelings of anger and frustration and think of the bigger picture. If that can't be avoided, have a calm conversation, remain eye contact and have it in an area you are both calm in. Don't trigger an argument in the middle of christmas dinner. It's best to bite your tongue and chew ferociously on your christmas pudding. Timing is everything in this christmas season.



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