Dating for Professionals in Sydney and Canberra


Finding love in a quality relationship can be difficult for anyone, but dating for professionals is especially challenging. Climbing the corporate ladder and achieving career goals can be rewarding and fun, but for many women professionals and executives the matchmaking can take a back seat. Dating and searching for a partner can sometimes be more emotional than rational, but if you are to avoid wasting time on fruitless searching it is better to treat the process the same way as you would any business pursuit. The first way in which business methods are useful is to have a detailed idea of exactly what you are looking for. Just as you wouldn't dream of starting a new business without a decent business plan, don't start looking for a date until you know what it is you want.

What sets our dating agency apart for professionals?

In most cases an introduction agency for professionals will rely on profiles. Create your profile with the same care as you would choose your corporate branding or advertising campaigns. The profile is your sales pitch and needs to be attractive, but unlike some advertising, it must also be accurate if you are to avoid drawing men to false promises.

Another tip in dating for executives is to manage your time effectively. You know from your business that wasted time reduces productivity, and it's the same in searching for a suitable partner.

You could spend hours or days trawling through profiles and chatting with men who are incompatible, but it's more productive to have some filtering in place. The best way to do this is to skip the online sites and choose an offline dating service for professionals, especially one enables you to make contact with prospective dates by email before you phone or meet up. Set aside time at the weekends, evenings, or during the day for meeting prospects, and schedule and defend these times as if they were business appointments.

Dating for Professionals is Not Business

When you are on your dates you can give your emotional side some reins, and be free to drop the requirement women CEOs often face in business, which is to present themselves as even more 'blokey' than men. You may find that men using a matchmaking for professionals service are seeking women who are strong and confident enough in their own skins to allow their natural femininity to shine through.

The balance between the business-like approach to the search, and being more relaxed and less business-like on dates is individual, and every woman has to find her own way. Dating for executives has its challenges, and a good matchmaking agency is the secret to not wasting time and effort. It can also reap life-changing rewards.

Last tip for all professional women ~ remember to be masculine in the inside and be feminine on the outside.