Dealing with the Outcome of the First Date

It seemed like a rocking first date for you, now in retrospect, how do you think it went from your date’s point of view? For you, since it wasn’t like a bad hangover and you were pleasantly surprised, you are hoping the date feels the same; but how do you know? How do you find out? That might all depend on how you two were initially introduced or met. Did you hit it off so well, a second date is in the works? If so, you have nothing to worry about. If it was through a mutual acquaintance, you can always ask them to do a little digging, but that can be embarrassing. If it was via an online dating service or matchmaking service, you will never know and will just have to wait to see if there is more communication.

You know, there is a dating agency that personally screens potential dates for you, they act on your behalf, and this is the type of setup that would allow you to find out the answer to your burning question of how did it really go? An agency would be more than happy to inquire on your behalf.

If you had used an agency like Vital Partners, you would have had a personal introduction to your date, unlike a blind date. Next, you would have exchanged current pictures before the actual meeting, which were genuine and recent, because you both took them at Vital Partners office during your intake interview. And finally, you would get to hear the sound of your date's voice on the phone after you both agree to exchange numbers.

The next step is dating and chemistry. Your personalities and dating match might be perfect but sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there and while it might take a few more dates to come to that conclusion, a decision needs to be made. Do you both want a second date or a polite method to ensure you don’t meet up again? If you met through Vital Partners, you wouldn't have to wonder anymore. If Vital Partners is not part of the program, how will you know how the other person feels? Wondering can drive a person crazy for days waiting for the phone to ring or a long awaited text message or email that never comes. No one likes to be on the receiving end of that, just as most people don’t want to say, "Hey, you aren’t for me." It can be difficult and stressful for both sides of the date.

First Date Doubts: Listen to your Heart

While it's usually true that the first time you get together, you’ll both be on your best behaviour and dress to impress. Now that the date is over, take a few minutes to feel the experience. Be sure no to analyse it too much that self doubt starts to creep in where it doesn’t always belong. Talk to your friends for support if you need it. Try not be impulsive, yet don’t be too lax about contact if you really hit it off. You can never second guess what someone you just met might feel.

Don’t get too hung up on who should make the first move. If you want to see your date again, tell them after you thank them for the great time you had. 

If the date doesn’t respond to contact, then you know. Don’t be too hard on yourself, they might have issues you don’t know about. If you use an introduction dating service like Vital Partners, you would know how to proceed after your first date without the aggravation of wonder or worry so give them a call and get ready for your first date with people who are serious about life long.

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