Facing Your Insecurities


Everyone has insecurities, it is a major part of life. It can be a personality trait that hinders you in relationships and drop your confidence levels. Being insecure is heavily impacted on the way you see yourself, physically, emotionally and socially. Relationships can be affected negatively if one or both parties are insecure - trust issues being a major factor of insecurity.

Insecurities can appear at any time in a relationship - before you commit to someone, during the relationship and most definitely afterwards. It can be a scary and lonely feeling that needs to be faced head on in order to overcome them successfully. Here are some ways that can help you face your insecurities and eventually overcome them.

Self care

Being secure with yourself starts from self care and self love. Treating your body, heart and mind with care will make you feel good about yourself. Start by feeding your body clean, healthy food and exercise regularly - this can help the way you feel from the inside out. Maintain an open and honest relationship with your partner and keep your heart free of stress and try keep your mind productive with things like reading, crafts and learning new skills. All these things can create a positive atmosphere for you and your partner.

The basics of self care is also about surrounding yourself with people who love you and are non judgmental - these are your family and friends. When you’re feeling down and insecure, don’t be afraid to reach out to those you love and ask for some company.

Build self-esteem

Self-esteem is another major part of feeling secure. Having just the right amount of confidence is extremely attractive to other people as you’re not afraid to flaunt your personality. Genuinely loving yourself is a great trait to have in a relationship as your partner feels confident being with someone who is happy with themselves.

The worst demons are the ones lurking in our minds, in order to practice positive self-esteem, we need to quieten those demons and rise above them. Train your mind to focus on the good instead of the bad.

Seeing problems where none exist

We’re all guilty of this one in relationships, especially towards the beginning of a relationship that seems to be going too perfect. When something is too good, we tend to create problems or nit pick at non-existent issues.

When this happens, remember to trust yourself and believe that you can be in a perfectly healthy relationship. Veer away from heavily monitoring yourself and your relationship as it’s incredibly exhausting for you and your partner.

Have independence

Remember that a relationship consists of two different people therefore having independence is vital. Giving your relationship room to breathe is very healthy and necessary in maintaining a positive connection with your partner. Giving your relationship space to breathe is also allowing it to grow. For example, having too much time together can prevent you both from doing your own thing and growing as an individual. It can be misunderstood that being in a relationship means only growing together, however, as an individual, you always need to work on yourself and growing yourself.

We hope these tips can help you face your insecurities and overcome them with time and effort! Here’s to a happy and healthy relationship!

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