Finding The One You’ll Take Home To Mum

There is a lot to be said for being single. You don’t have to fight over who gets the TV remote. You get to decide what to have for breakfast. You always know what caused that new stain in the bathroom. Then there is that wonderful swinging life style, and all the interesting people you get to go to bed with.

The truth is, most of us would rather be in a relationship. Life is just more special when you have someone to share it with. Dealing with the little irritations of having another person in your home is part of growing up. Rather than making more messes, having a helpmate makes dealing with them easier. Sharing helps you to grow and see the world through a different set of eyes. No matter what the media wants us to believe, married people have more and more satisfying sex than single people, any day of the week!

Better Together

Finding a lifetime partner is obviously a big deal, and definitely not one you will want to rush. However there comes a point when you will know that it is time to settle down, if only you had the right person to settle down with. The problem is finding them.

Internet dating and introduction services have a lot going for them. For years there was a stigma that only desperate people would use the Internet to find a lifetime partner. This is no longer true, you probably know several very strong couples who first met online. The rise of all types of social media has made Internet dating more acceptable and more successful.

Social media should be, and usually is, an extension of your real life social life. As much as we are fans of social media, there is nothing wrong with finding a mate the old fashioned way- getting a face to face introduction through a real live friend or acquaintance.

Let The Party Begin

Parties are a terrific place to meet new people. A lot of people are shy about going to a party if they have no one to go with. Rather than depend on a wingman, don’t be afraid to fly solo. If you have a legitimate invitation to the party, then you will at least know the host. Let your host know that you are interested in meeting other singles.

If you have the room, (and if you are creative, even if you haven’t) there is nothing wrong with having a party of your own. Make it a “Bring Your Own Friend” party where the price of admission is that your friends each have to bring one unattached friend with them. This opens up a large pool of single strangers to meet, and because you are the creative devil who came up with the idea, you are seen as uber-attractive.

Family As A Dating Resource, Not A Dating Pool

Many of us choose to duck out on large family get togethers because they can be uncomfortable. Make them an opportunity. When Aunt Flossie pinches your cheek and asks why a lovely person like you isn’t married yet, put the ball back in her court. Tell her it is because she hasn’t introduced you to the love of your life yet. For all her cheek pinching, Flossie is more likely to be looking out for you if she knows you are actively interested. It is a good bet that she knows some very attractive people who could be a match.