First Date Ideas


Here at Vital Partners, we are all about those first dates; the planning and preparation, the nerves and giggles, the sweat and jitters! It gets us all excited to know that there are people out there going on their first date together and potentially falling in love.But how do you step out of the norm (dinner date) and do something original or unpredictable? We’ve got just the list for you to show off your savvy ideas and great personality to go with it.



If you and your gal/guy are quite old school, take each other to bowling for a first date! It’s a casual and fun way to get to know each other, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a little bit of friendly competition as well. You'll be surrounded by music, simple finger food and hopefully, great company.



This may seem like a completely wacky idea but if you know that your date is an outdoorsy kind of person who loves adventures, you can’t go wrong with hiking. This gives you a chance to walk in beautiful surroundings and get to know each other in a quiet and peaceful setting. It'll also give you guys a chance to show off your athleticism, and gals, it'll allow you to let your hair down, and be au natural.



There are so many carnivals and food festivals happening at the moment, and they can be a lot of fun. What better way to explore it than with someone special? A carnival or fair will definitely show how much fun you can have together and even brings out the childlike innocence in you both.


Putt putt/Mini golf:

Like bowling, putt putt or mini golf allows for a casual and friendly vibe. Playing an outdoor/indoor sport that doesn’t take up too much energy is perfect for a first date as it takes the pressure off of intense conversation and awkward silences.



For anyone who senses a definite spark from the get-go, a picnic is a really good idea in order to show how much effort you’re willing to put into a first date. Pick a perfect spot where there are passersby so there is a casual vibe, pack some easy lunch or take-away sandwiches and you’re ready to impress.


Coffee stroll:

You’re probably reading this and thinking, “what the hell is a coffee stroll?” Instead of going to a café where nerves are running extremely high, why not buy coffee and go for a lovely stroll whilst talking? This will definitely take the pressure off, as you’re not face-to-face confronted by your date in a nervous wreck!

We realize that these ideas can be classified as unusual; I mean, who goes out on a picnic these days? What is putt putt? But that’s definitely the point we are trying to come across here at Vital Partners. You should step out of your comfort zone, take a risk and have some fun, especially on a first date!