First Phone Call Etiquette


Going from text messages to the first phone call can be nerve-racking for anyone. But what if you accidentally said or did something before you even meet your date? There are certain etiquettes that may go unspoken but should be known by everyone that’s dating. Some of these etiquettes may seem extremely simple however they’re definitely important and can be forgotten, especially if you’re nervous about the situation.

DO have the confidence to call first whether you’re a man or woman. Picking up the phone and making that first initiative is a great move of confidence. If you feel nervous about making the first move, maybe start with a text saying ‘Hey, are you free? Would love to call you and chat about making plans for us to meet.’ Don’t overthink the situation and just be simple and genuine about it.

DON’T overshare when you’re on the phone for the first time as there won’t be anything left to talk about when you’re actually on your date. Spending too much time on the first phone call can be too much for your date.

DO sound happy and bubbly on the phone. Calling your date to discuss your work’s stresses and situations from your day is not a good call. You want to make your date feel really comfortable and positive in the lead up to your first meet.

DON’T text too much with your date before you meet them. We live in a world of technology and can often resort to texting instead of picking up the phone and calling. Text messaging can be saved for confirming date, time and place for your meeting, not to carry on conversations.

DO call back if you’ve had a missed call! This can seem obvious but some people just forget, so make a mental note and be sure to call your date back.

DON’T send lengthy text messages that are filled with your feelings and emotions. This can be a huge turn off for anybody who hasn’t known you for a long period of time.

A phone call can seem so simple however when preparing for a date, there’s a lot going on in a person’s mind. These do’s and don’ts can help you perfect the first phone call and give your date a great, lasting impression in the lead up to an actual date.

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