Five Ways to Please Women With Compliments


Most women find that verbal affirmations of their worth and attractiveness are more flattering and reassuring than any other way of communicating attraction. Consequently, if you can master the art of giving compliments then you'll be off to a great start with anyone you meet through a dating agency! Here are five tips that will help you design fantastic compliments that make women feel great.

1. Look for ways to compensate for her insecurities

If you get the sense that a woman is anxious about a particular part of her appearance or character, complimenting her can help to provide reassurance and help her to relax during your time together. If she frets about how her recent project will be received, let her know that you would have had no idea where to start with such a project and admire her approach. Alternatively, if she mentions that she almost didn't wear a particular dress because she isn't sure about the colour, note how that colour goes well with her eyes, hair or complexion.

2. Tailor compliments to how she wants to be perceived

If you're observant, you will pick up conversational cues that tell you how women want to be perceived by others, and you can give compliments that affirm their hopes about themselves. For example, if you're with someone who often discusses the things she has done to help others, compliment her on her kindness or selflessness. Meanwhile, if your date obviously cares about deeply about her career, complimenting her skill and ambition will delight her.

3. Be tactful

Even if you notice that a woman has lost weight, is wearing more attractive makeup or seems to have improved her appearance in some other way, be wary of making these observations explicit! If she looks better than she did when you first saw photos of her through the introduction agency, stick to compliments like "You look stunning tonight" and "That's one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen" instead of highlighting the fact that she used to be heavier, less well-dressed or less confident.

4. Be appropriate

Unless you're already sleeping with a woman, making a compliment that is overtly sexual might be seen as offensive or as crossing a boundary. Don't tell her what you want to do to her in bed unless she has explicitly welcomed this, and don't make a sleazy comment about how you can't stop staring at her cleavage or her butt. She wants to be valued, not seen as a mere object.

5. Highlight the good she brings out in you

Finally, most women will be touched and happy to hear a compliment that reflects positive influences on you. For example, you might note that you would never have been bold enough to make a move to change your career if she hadn't given you such thoughtful encouragement, or you could comment that you feel like you're seeing your surroundings in a new light after she has taught you something significant.

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