So happy, together

Being in a relationship not only feels good, it is good for you!

The comics and your mates at the pub would have you believe that marriage is a bad thing for men. “Studies show that married men live longer, they just wish they didn’t!” This attitude is amusing, but it simply is not true. Very reputable sources (a lot more reputable than your pub buddies) HAVE studied the evidence, and in general, married men ARE happier, healthier, richer, and live longer.

More Fun

In 2006, British researchers published a study of 38 countries that revealed married men have more sex. This blows a large hole in the claim that a swinging single lifestyle is more fun! Not only are the married guys getting their whistles wet on a more regular basis, both they and their partners report being more satisfied when they do.

Married men are more likely to stay out of trouble. A study from the US Department of Justice shows that the perpetrators of violent crimes are four times more likely to be single than married. Think of how likely you and your pub mates are to go out and do something stupid after tossing back a few pints. It may be true that married men get into less trouble because they have an increased sense of responsibility (but it is more fun to think that they are home, having all that extra sex).

Professional Success

Some of that extra responsibility shows elsewhere. Married men tend to do better in business and work. U.S. Naval officers notice that their subordinates who are married tend to have better performance evaluations and get promoted faster. The same is true in business. Even more good news, not only are married guys doing better in work and so getting paid more, they get to keep more of their money because there are terrific tax benefits for married guys as well. (You should be able to put more savings away better as well, you won’t have as much time to go out and spend money if you are home having sex all the time.)

In all fairness, we should point out that the health and financial benefits are generally restricted to those who are in a happy marriage. The happy marriage depends upon more than finding the right partner. Marriage is more than a life long commitment, it is a life time effort. It is easier to make that effort, however, when you start with a partner with whom you feel a real connection and attraction. That is where a service like Vital Partners are of real benefit. Vital Partners takes the time to match you with introductions to people you can truly connect with.