Have the Perfect 2nd Date


First dates are scary and probably the most important but second dates are vital too. That first date is all about getting to know each other - barely scrapping the surface and more so judging each other by appearance and clothing. The second date feels similar yet different - you know the surface but here's where you explore a little deeper. The first date is where you make a good impression to score the second date. The second date is where you connect.

Going on a second date proves that you're both interested in each other on some level. Now you need to establish compatibility and chemistry. Here are some tips on how to perfect your second date:


Different Date Ideas


So the first date you decided to go traditional and have a nice dinner. For your next date, you should switch it up and do something different. Grabbing a nice brunch or lunch then a movie is a good option - day dates are always fun! A day date means you can spend hours together which means you can have more time to establish that connection.


Don't Be Afraid to Flirt


It's definitely harder to flirt on the first date as you're physically opening yourself up to a complete stranger. However, take full advantage of tasteful flirting on that second date. We highly suggest slight touching to enhance the spark and make physical connection - however don't overdo it. The impact of touching is a lot higher than our other senses like sight and smell. Softly touching your partner's hand, shoulder, leg or back will send a message to the brain and make you feel closer to them. If there is a clear connection, the art of flirting and touching will be emphasised and you'll both feel a great sensation of excitement. Flirting on a second date is highly recommended but remember to be subtle and graceful about it - you don't want to scare your date off.


Address Any Issues from the First Date


The second date is the perfect time to address any miscommunication you may have made on the first date. It's great to clear up any confusion or mistakes on both sides - this is the start to building your relationship by being honest and facing any issues. You should also talk about the happy moments or any jokes that you found particularly funny from the night.


Don't Talk about Exes


They say don't talk about past relationships on your first date and this rule applies to your second date as well. There's never a good time to talk about your ex until both parties are 100% comfortable. There's about a thousand other topics you can cover rather than talking about your most recent heartbreak - it brings negative energy to the table and can definitely be a turn off. There will be an appropriate time to talk about this later down the road.

People often underestimate the importance of a second date. It's just as essential as the first date. Be sure to create that connection and only bring positive vibes to your date. Have fun and score that third date!