How to Avoid a Bad Date


Bad dating stories are a big hit on Google search, some people are curious, others are genuinely hoping these horror stories won’t happen to them. However bad dates happen, more than you probably know especially in the dating game. The love experts have done the research and come to a few conclusions on how to avoid a nightmarish date!

Don’t go on a rebound date

A rebound date is someone you’re going out with purely to get over your past relationship. Too often, people rush into new relationships as a way to heal their broken heart and fill up an empty space. This idea may sound great for a minute however it can be twice as damaging in the long run. Don’t be afraid to turn down a date if you’re not in the right place and be absolutely honest about the situation. “Being in a hurry leads to desperation and lack of interest. To avoid a bad date it is important that you do not accept every date that is offered to you. Be selective and feel free to turn down a date if it doesn’t fit your schedule [or needs],” says relationship advisor and comedian John Powers.

Get to know your date

It’s extremely important that you get to know your date a little before going on a date. Not only does it give you leverage for good conversation, it also helps fill in any awkward gaps throughout the date. Whether you’ve met your date or not, make sure you’ve also had phone conversations - this ensures you can both keep up a conversation (not just via email or text message).

Leave if you feel uncomfortable

A lot of these horror date stories are a result of one person feeling uncomfortable but continues to stay the entire time. If you feel no connection, you can politely tell your date that you feel uncomfortable instead of sitting through the entire date feeling awkward and working your way up to telling them you don’t want to see them again.

Don’t be self absorbed

The point of going on a date is to get to know the other person and figure out if there is a spark or connection. Spending the entire date talking about yourself without asking questions about your partner can be a turn off for some people. Practice good listening as well as asking open ended questions so you can both talk the same amount.

Conversation topics

It’s not a bad idea to have some topics lined up in the back of your mind. Everyone gets nervous and it is absolutely normal to be anxious on your first date. Sometimes, conversations can come to a sudden halt where you have nothing to talk about. We suggest having some topics in mind that you feel you both can discuss. Try to veer away from controversial topics to avoid arguments which will probably result in a bad date! Movies, TV shows and countries you’ve visited are all great topics. You should definitely avoid talking about past relationships, issues you have at work or within your family and anything that may bring the mood down.

Dates can be scary however with these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to having a great date! Remember that our love experts aren’t just matchmakers, they can also help guide you on your dates and give you great feedback! So call Vital Partners today on 02 9017 8444 for your free consultation.

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