How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is the ability to control and recognise our own emotions as well as others around us. In other words, it's being aware of your emotional surroundings, both positive and negative. 

Relationships require a deep and meaningful connection between you and your partner. Having emotional intelligence is equivalent to having a strong grasp on your own emotion through control and being able to recognise exactly why you're feeling the way you feel at certain times. 

When it comes to relationships and marriage, emotional intelligence can really be the make or break between two people. Knowing what to say when you are arguing with your partner can be the extremely important - for example, thinking before you talk in an argument can really save your relationship. Many conflicts can be pushed too far by the harshness of words, like accidentally going too far simply because you feel angry.

Open to Feedback

Having good emotional intelligence means being open to feedback and constructive criticism. A lot of people fall to criticism simply because they take things to heart. However, when it comes to constructive criticism, whether it is in relationships or life, you need to be able to retrieve the information and make necessary changes. Being emotionally intelligent means you're receptive to criticism and accepting people's feedback. 

Recognising Emotions

If something happens in life or your relationships, you'll have a strong feeling of either anger, love, joy etc - you should be able to capture these emotions instantaneously so that you can step back and reassess yourself. You can definitely use this quality so that you can make better sense of your emotions.

Take A Breather

We all stress in life and we all have emotions we feel that can be uncontrollable. Sometimes, it's easier to simply step back and take a breath. Being able to relax and calm your body, can also help relax your brain as well. When you feel stressed or overly emotional, step away from the situation and into a quiet space, take deep breaths in and out so that you can create space in your mind. 

Be A Good Listener

Listening is such an important quality in life and relationships, especially during conflict. When you argue with someone, they will talk about why they feel the way they feel, and if you listen, you'll be able to capture the information and absorb it. Listen empathetically to the other person so that you create a safe space between you and your partner. Solve conflict by listening properly and communicating effectively. 




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