Importance of Chemistry

Importance of Chemistry

When you start a new relationship, that journey to love, you feel emotions that you probably have never felt before. Even if you’ve been in relationships before, the love you feel for individuals will always be different. However, there’s one factor in relationships that we feel is a must: chemistry. Chemistry can be defined as the complex emotional or psychological interaction between people. The key word in this definition is complex, which means it can be hard to pinpoint its existence.


You’ll see many relationships fail due to infidelity, broken trust and some fail just because.

What does that mean? It probably means that everything was perfect however the chemistry wasn’t there. You might have experienced this yourself - you meet someone that is perfect in everyway, they have the same morals and values as you, your family love them and they know how to plan the perfect date however, there always seems to be something missing. That static feeling you should have when you see the love of your life after a long day at work. Instead, it is replaced with a feeling of guilt or exhaustion for trying to make something work. Or simply put, you constantly feel as though something is not there.


Chemistry should be present in romantic relationships however are also important in friendships and within family dynamics. As human beings, it can be hard for 2 different personalities to mesh well together, therefore when you’ve found someone who does, it becomes irreplaceable. Chemistry is difficult to explain, instead it should be felt - if you’ve found someone who ticks the following boxes, you’re one step closer to finding love:




  • Automatically makes you smile when you are in their presence
  • You can talk for hours on end without feeling bored
  • You’re able to sit in each other’s silence without feeling awkward
  • You constantly want to be near them and spend time with them
  • Talking to them opens up your mind to the world and you learn things about yourself no one else knows
  • There’s an uncontrollable emotional electric feeling between you two


If you check all these boxes and more, you’re one of the lucky ones. Although it seems like chemistry is something that’s automatic, it can also be something that is built upon connection. Even though you can never have 100% control over another person’s chemical reaction towards you, you’re able to create your own chemical reactions. For example, dopamine - the ‘feel good’ chemical in your brain can be induced if you know what your date/partner likes. You can provide a feeling of joy and happiness for them and as a result, this can create a strong connection between you. Be sure to remember that chemistry cannot be enforced and our best advice is to let things work their own way because if you force two negatives, they will never be able to mesh together.