Keeping the Spark Alive

Keeping the Spark Alive

For anyone who has been in a long-term relationship, knows how important it is to keep the spark alive. If the fire in a relationship dies out, the result will be boredom and trying out other avenues to find that same feeling. For those who have been in relationships know that the first few months are the best - there’s still mysteries to be solved, experiences to have, memories to make therefore everything is new and sparks are flying uncontrollably. And for those who have been in a 7+ year relationship also knows that it can be difficult to relive that same feeling you had 7 years ago. You’ve been there and you’ve done that - now is the time to focus on your career, look after your family/children and work on yourself. Being preoccupied with all of life’s obstacles, you’ll find your relationship weaken little by little as there is no connection. So how do you rekindle a fire that has been burning for years? We have some expert tips that may help you.

Date Night

We believe very much in the concept of ‘date night’ - it’s extremely simple and only requires your time. Set aside a Friday or Saturday night of the month and save that as ‘date night’. One night where you can spend time with your partner, dressing up, going out and enjoying each other’s company without the work phone ringing or the children dangling off your arm. Go to places that you once went when you were first dating and relive your memories with one another. You’ll be able to remember certain conversations that give both of you that sparkle in your eye or an embarrassing moment that will make you laugh. It’s the simplest way to respark the connection and do this as often as you like.

Remember your Manners

When you’re in a new relationship, you probably remember being extremely attentive and polite. You might have felt very grateful and show a ton of emotion if your partner did something sweet for you. However, years later, you probably don’t show as much excitement or even say ‘thank you for being you’. ‘I love you’ is said only once and it’s most likely before you both head off to work or before you sleep at night but only because it has become a ritual. As people, we love being acknowledged, especially when it’s least expected. So say ‘thank you’ once in awhile to let your partner know that you appreciate them always.

Try New Things in the Bedroom

Sex is no longer a taboo subject, especially with your partner. You should be able to discuss it freely without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. If you feel like your sex life is lacking, you definitely need to talk about it and confront the situation in an honest and open manner. Trying new things in the bedroom can definitely spice up your sex life as long as you both remain 100% honest and open-minded.

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