How to know if a guy likes you

A man will not start seducing a lady out of the blues. His feelings are actually far fetched because they develop before he makes any move on you. If you are keen on his behaviour you should be able to notice early enough before he starts making advances. Here are some pointers that you can refer when weighing his interest in you.

  • Body language: Prolonged stares are the most obvious. A guy will keep on staring at you even when it’s clear that he is offending you with his extended glances. He will only avoid staring at you if he is a shy guy. When he is seated across the table, he will keep leaning forward towards you. This suggests that he has a crush on you.

When he seats next to you, you will notice that his legs and hands will point towards you. If he is not into you, his hands and legs will be pointed elsewhere. If he spreads his legs wide open, he is definitely so much into you. Additionally, he will try as much as possible to dress smartly in your presence. You will notice that he keeps straightening his hair or tie and retucking his shirt.

  • Increased eye contact: A guy that really likes you will not be afraid to stare at you. But to be sure about this, you should put his feelings to the test by looking at him in the eyes for a few seconds and then turn away to see whether his eyes will remain glued to you. If by the time you glance back at him he is still staring at you, he really likes you. But the results may be different when you are dealing with a shy guy because he could smile at you and avoid looking at you again for fear of being embarrassed..
  • Pay attention to what he says: You should listen carefully to what he says because that’s the secret to cracking the code behind his behaviour. At times he will talk just about anything including the weather or himself because all he wants is to have a chat with you.

Guys usually brag about themselves when they are in the company of a woman that they are fond of. If a guy likes you, he will like everything you say regardless of whether it’s sensible or not. Moreover, he will constantly compliment your looks and outfit even when you are at your worst.

  • Wanting to be touched and touch: If a guy likes you, he will do anything just to lay his hands on you. In fact he will do this in the disguise of laughter so you will not know that he did it on purpose. When he makes a joke and you laugh at it, the next thing he will do is to place his hand over yours as he also laughs at the same joke. Just to eliminate doubt, try turning things around by placing your hand over his as you laugh and see if he will move his hand away. If he remains put, he really likes you. Alternatively, he may avoid touching you but still place his hands behind your chair.

A guy may also punch your arm gently as a way of touching your body.The punch is actually a cover up because he does not want you to realize what he is up to.

  • Singling you out from the crowd: A man that adores you will treat you differently from other people. You will notice that he makes certain reservations for you like always wanting to sit close to you. Other signs include wanting to escort you on your way out and pulling out a seat for you at the restaurant. Additionally, he will leave his valuable items under your care just to send out a message that you are part and parcel of his life.

If he is only lusting for you, he will openly express the same gestures to other girls. However, some guys employ shrewd tactics when they feel that the girl is ignoring them. For instance, he might engage in long conversations with other girls in your presence just to make you jealous.

  • Imitating you: Guys in love tend to imitate their women. For instance, when you are at a restaurant, he will wait for you to make an order and insist on having the same food. If you straighten your hair, chances are that he will also straighten his. Besides that, he could start frequenting places that you visit the most in anticipation of coincidentally meeting you.
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