Personality vs Appearance


Here at Vital Partners, we often experience clients who want or need good looking potential partners however it can be very difficult for a client to find someone who will fit the image that they have imagined in their heads. Therefore, we feel it is so important to practice the art of building appearance.

When playing the dating game, people who are better looking often have an advantage over others, however, if their personality is flat or toxic, there’s no point if they’re the best looking man or woman in the world. So personality of appearance?

Here are 4 reasons why Vital Partners thinks that a great personality will always win this game.

Long-term relationships are based on personality

When you’re looking for a life partner, sure, the first thing you look at would be the appearance however, on a long-term basis, personality will always be the most important. Over time, good looks may fade, however, a great personality will shine no matter what age you are. A life partner should offer more than perfect hair and straight teeth.

Similar values build strength

If your partner is good looking however lacks the values that you feel are important in a relationship, there is no point in moving forward in the relationship. However, a lot of people find this out the hard way by continuing the partnership despite differing points of views where they later have arguments about it and butt heads. Having similar values build a stronger connection between you and your partner, so always value these morals and ethics in a potential partner.

Sexual chemistry is not solely based on appearance

Chemistry is much more than being physically attracted to someone - there needs to be a deeper connection, especially when we’re talking about sexual chemistry. Having a feeling of comfort and security is vital in an intimate relationship whether or not your partner is gorgeous. It goes without saying that chemistry can be found with someone who is great looking, however it is not the only benefactor.

Personality creates interest

Good looks may spark initial interests, however personality will definitely prolong and create curiosity for your potential partner. Being interesting is a personality trait that many people want but cannot acquire, as it is an attention grabbing quality to have. When you have to spend 3 hours with an individual, would you rather them be good looking or interesting?

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