Plan the Ultimate Date: 10 Foolproof Date Ideas


A date—especially a first date—should make a lasting impression. It should give you and the other person a chance to get to know each other. Find an activity that suits your interests and your date's interests. It'll give you plenty to talk about, and it'll help you build a relationship with this other person as you do something you love. You shouldn't feel any pressure to pick anything grandiose, but you shouldn't invite your date to do anything boring or uncomfortable either, like weeding your garden. To get you started, we've provided a list of 10 foolproof date ideas below.

Outdoorsy Dates

Go to a theme park.

Theme parks have so many activities inside them that you'll never have to deal with awkward silences. You'll also learn a lot about your date. If he or she likes to take risks, he or she will excitedly join you on thrill rides. If he or she likes competitions, you'll spend a lot of time playing in arcades or other game stations. You'll also have plenty of time to talk as you wait in line to get on the next ride.

Have a picnic.

Prefer something more relaxed? Have a picnic. You can do it in the park, or you can go to your favourite wilderness area. Make sure you check for dietary restrictions beforehand. And if you and your date both own dogs, bring them along. They'll break the initial awkwardness.

Once you've finished the picnic, you and your date can talk, walk and play with the dogs or just sit and talk

Go for a hike.

This idea doesn't work for everyone. You don't want to exhaust your date—he or she won't think fondly on the experience if you do. You should only choose this option if your date also likes hiking, and then you should choose a hike that meets the following criteria:

It shouldn't have any particularly steep hills. You should use this time to get to know your date, not gasp for breath.

It should go through a beautiful area. Natural beauty will give you something to talk about.

It should have relatively low traffic. You don't want to completely isolate yourself on a hike, but you shouldn’t  choose a crowded trail either.

As long as your hike meets those criteria (and you bring plenty of water), you'll have the perfect outdoorsy date.

Cultural/Artsy Dates

Try a new restaurant.

You could take your date to a restaurant you already love if you want to. But if you want to turn the date into an adventure for both of you, go to a new restaurant instead. Better yet, choose a restaurant with foreign cuisine you've never tried. The new food will get the conversation started

Go to a musical event.

Do you both love music? Go to a local concert, or try karaoke. Make sure you pick music you both appreciate. If he or she loves rock and hates classical, you shouldn't go to listen to an orchestra.

Go to an art gallery.

If you both like art (and relaxed dates), go to an art gallery. You can talk about the composition and meaning behind each piece—which will help you learn what your date values. He or she will talk about movements or themes that matter to them.

We do have one warning for you though: make sure you research the art galleries in the area so you don't accidentally take your date to a dark, gory, or depressing exhibit. If you choose an explicit or sensitive exhibit, it could sour the entire date.

Go to a used bookstore.

If you both like reading, you can visit a second-hand or antique bookstore. You and your date can find and discuss books and authors you love. Your date's literary preferences will give you a glimpse of his or her values and personality.

Take art/music/cooking classes together.

Learning new skills fosters creativity, teamwork, and sometimes friendly competition. You and your date can problem solve together as you learn how to sculpt, bake, or play the oboe.

Fun/Easy-going Dates

Play video games.

Do you both share an obsession with certain video games? Play together. Ideally, you and your date should do this in the same location, but you could also play together over the Internet.

See an outdoor movie.

You could also watch a movie indoors, but an outdoor one gives you the opportunity to have a picnic in the fresh air. It also sets the activity apart as something special.

There isn't one perfect date idea. As long as you pick an activity that both of you will enjoy, you'll make an unforgettable first impression. Use the ideas above to plan your perfect date today.