Planning Your Date


First impressions are often the longest-lasting, and getting off to a bad start can spoil the end of a relationship before it even begins. Planning the date in advance will increase the chance of success and give you the confidence many women find attractive.

You can begin planning your date now - even before you know who your date will be. If you've selected a professional matchmaking agency for singles you don't need to worry about going out and finding your first prospect. 

Planning the Where

Start by thinking about where the date will be. Obviously she will have her own ideas and you'll negotiate, but have some answers ready if she asks: 'What do you suggest?'

A common choice is the cinema, but spending a good proportion of your first date staring at a screen may not be such a good idea. Finding somewhere quiet to talk, such as a nice restaurant, is a better option for getting to know someone. Another idea is to do something together, such as 10-pin bowling, ice skating, visiting an art gallery, or something else you can do together. It's best to avoid possible intimidation, so even if your date turns out to love karaoke, it's probably unwise to suggest it until you know her better.

Planning the Details

Your matchmaking agency will select prospective dates by matching profiles, and this limits the 'when' to some extent, but plan now whether you will suggest a lunch date, an afternoon, or an evening out. Whatever the time, your date will want to avoid getting to the appointed meeting place earlier than you, so aim to get there on time and be prepared to wait for her to arrive.

It's your first date with your prospect, so be sure to dress to impress. What you wear depends on where you'll be going, but make sure your clothes are clean and presentable and don't look like you've been sleeping in them for three days!

Plan the conversation by being prepared with some interesting questions. Plan to really listen to her and don't do all the talking. Plan to compliment her, but not to swamp her with praise or be too sexual. It's best to avoid terms like 'hot' and use 'beautiful' or 'lovely' instead. Plan to laugh and smile a lot.

Planning the End

When planning your date think about the end. Will you part company with a handshake or a kiss? If a kiss, what kind? If you're using a matchmaking agency for singles you're presumably there because you are looking for a long term, loving relationship, and you might ruin your chances by rushing into anything sexual on the first date. Say goodnight, and text, phone or email by the end of the next day at the latest to tell her you had a great time. If you didn't have a great time, don't tell her you did or that you will call her.