Presentation: Why it Matters to Women (and How to Improve It)


When you're in the early stages of dating, it's vital to pay attention to your presentation. While there's no need to do a tuxedo for your first meeting with that gorgeous new woman you've found through a dating agency, you do need to put in some effort if you want to make a good impression. Here's what you need to know about why presentation matters to women and how you can improve the way you present yourself.

Why is presentation so important?

The good news is that you don't need to look like an underwear model in order to capture a woman's attention. Just as men have broader tastes that popular media suggests, women don't all require you to have perfect six-pack abs and a chiseled jaw. In addition, most women you meet through an introduction agency will already know what you look like before you ever meet in person. What matters more is that you make the best of your appearance.

The major thing you need to keep in mind is that your date is going to assume you don't value her or care about her opinion if you show up looking like you might as well be watching TV alone in your apartment. In fact, she might feel downright embarrassed and foolish if she's looking beautiful in a sleek dress and smart heels while you sit there with a creased and food-stained shirt. How you present yourself on a date doesn't just influence whether she thinks you're physically appealing but also communicates whether you think she's important enough to try and impress.

How to improve your presentation

Some men are naturally fastidious about personal hygiene, and if you're one of those guys then you're already going to do better at the dating game than your peers who never notice if their armpits are reeking. The key thing is to make sure you shower shortly before your date, ensuring you smell clean and fresh throughout. A splash of cologne can help as well, but it's better to wear none than to douse yourself in the stuff and make your date's eyes water!

When it comes to clothing, pick something appropriate for the destination. An attractive but casual shirt is fine for a laid back afternoon date at a coffee shop, but if you're taking her to the best restaurant in town then it's time to break out one of your best suits. In addition, make sure you choose clothing that flatters your body shape. As well as making you look more attractive, well-fitting clothing boosts your confidence, helping you to be more charismatic and charming. Finally, don't forget to balance comfort with appearance. Although good presentation is important, your performance on the date will be undermined by a waistband that's digging into your stomach or a tie that makes you feel like you're choking. The perfect outfit for your date is one that looks great, feels right and fits with your location.

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