How to seduce a man

Finding and winning a man is not a hunter and prey situation, but sometimes it can feel that way. The happy fact is, there really are a lot of terrific guys out there. An even happier realisation is that one of them, or perhaps even several of them would love to be with you.

After all, you are an attractive and intelligent lady with a lot to offer. The bad news is that men are not always at their brightest when it comes to relationships, especially starting them. If you willing to accept the fact that he may not realise right away how wonderful you can be together, you may find yourself winning in the love game more often if you are willing to practice the art of seduction.

Even in today’s society of the Enlightened, Sensitive Male, men are sometimes afraid to make the first move. There is a good chance that they have been disappointed or even hurt a few times, so perhaps you can sympathise. Remember that in many cases, men are actually little boys and their fragile egos get in the way of making that first move. If you are willing to “go for it”, you are feeding that same ego. That may be good for both of you.

This advice should not be seen as a call to make yourself a tramp. A good man does not want a tramp (well, he probably does, but hopefully he is too polite to admit it). Some of the things you may find yourself doing you will laugh at later. You may even feel like you have seen these moves in tacky Rom-Com films. Silly as they feel, the reason they got put in the movies is because sometimes they actually work!

Stolen Glances: Give him innocent glances and when your eyes do meet, let them lock for some seconds and look in the opposite direction. Such glances will leave him puzzled because he will think you are looking at things or other people that are behind him. It’s important that he does not understand your motive because men enjoy the thrill that comes with having to chase a woman.

Let Him See What Mama Gave You: For better or worse, men are visually controlled animals. They have a stronger reaction to what they see than what they are told. You may feel silly dressing in revealing styles, but you will see that it is a move that can get his motor running.

Make Him Curious: This seems like a contradiction to the last statement, but they are actually complimentary tactics. Don’t show him too much, keep him wanting to see more. This is why the “off the shoulder” look is so effective. A man will find himself wondering “is she wearing one or not?” and will want to impress you so that he gets a chance to find out.

Give Him Smiles: This should be easy, if he is making you happy, reward him with a smile and a laugh. It will help to let him know that you are interested. He will find the fact that you are interested VERY interesting.

Play Hard To Get: Huh? Yes, it seems like the advice above has been to throw yourself at him, but there is a limit. By now he should have a good idea that you are available and interested, so you do not want to completely shut those feelings down. Rather, find a way to let him know that not only are you are a treasure to be earned, but that you are a treasure that he may have, if he proves himself worthy. He will fall over himself trying!

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