Surviving the Festive Season Single

Surviving the Festive Season Single

So you're single this Christmas and that thought scares you just a little. No exchanging of gifts with your partner, no Christmas dinner together and definitely no kissing under mistletoe. What are you suppose to do and how do you enjoy the festive season single?

Let's not forget that Christmas is time to focus on yourself and spending quality time with family. No where in the world does it say that you need to be attached for the holidays, right? However there are certain people who feel that Christmas is tough when you're alone, especially when everyone around you seems to be in pairs. Instead of flying out the house every night looking for 'the one for Christmas', we're going to help you survive Christmas on your own and hey, you might even enjoy yourself. 

Don't be negative Nancy

The start to being positive is eliminating the obvious - our friend, negative Nancy. Being in a negative state of mind ultimately brings you down, no matter what. If you constantly have negative thoughts in your mind, no one can pull you out of your rut but you. So let's unfriend Nancy for the time being. Wallowing in your own feelings of pity and sadness is just setting yourself up for a sucky Christmas. 

Surround yourself with family and friends - people who know you and know how to cheer you up. If you don't feel like spending time with family and friends will create positive energy, then distract yourself another way. Figure out what makes life enjoyable and go and do that very thing. You know you best. 

Go shopping

Christmas is the perfect time to go shopping and we all need a little retail therapy in our lives. If you've been eyeing out a pair of shoes or the latest gadget for a while and couldn't justify buying it for yourself, now is the time. Treat yourself to something you deserve. Retail therapy isn't about spending a lot of money whilst still feeling misery - it's about spending money on a product that will boost your self confidence temporarily. 

Meet new people

Allowing yourself to meet new people is a great way to get rid of your misery. Meeting new people doesn't mean you're out looking for a one night stand - it means you're okay with chatting to other people about common interests and being able to walk away thinking 'that was a great conversation' and nothing more. New people turn into new friends and that is one thing in life we can't have too much of. 

Give yourself a mini-makeover

This applies to both ladies and gents! There's nothing wrong with a little bit of change, especially if it'll make you feel brand new and confident. Go to the hairdressers and get a new haircut, something that you've always wanted but too afraid to do. A makeover can really boost a person's self confidence and would go great with meeting new people!


If those tips above aren't working for you and you feel as though you really need to get away, then go on a spontaneous solo holiday. Go to a new destination that is exciting and a little bit scary. This way, any past relationships that have been haunting you or any thought of being single forever will diminish the moment you step off your plane. You'll be in a new place with new feelings and 100% distracted. 

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