How to tell when a girl is interested in you

Most men will tell you that they are not into the whole pursuit and seduction scene. Several years ago it was popular in the cartoons to show a caveman who might be interested in a potential mate. Rather than going to all the trouble to gather flowers for his sweetheart, our caveman hero would just whack the girl on the head and then drag her back to his cave.

News Flash guys: that kind of behaviour is not going to fly these days. However, the game of seduction can really be a lot of fun, if you realize how it is played and know some of the rules.

Something that most guys don’t realise is that there are more women out there who are interested in you than you think. Unfortunately, society has taught women that it is up to the guy to make the first move. Guys hesitate to take the step for fear that their advances will be unwelcome. (Maybe it would be easier for everyone if she got a club to whack you over the head!)

More often than not, if a woman is interested in you, she will be sending out signals to let you know that she is into you. The important thing is for you to pay enough attention to pick up on the signals. Here are some things to look for:

Pay Attention To Body Language: Our bodies communicate with each other before either one of you say a word. Should you find yourself in the company of a lady that you are interested in, be sure to pay attention to the way she holds herself and how she behaves around you.

The classic body language example goes like this: your eyes meet from across the room, she lifts her head to show you the length of her neck, she turns towards you slightly, maintaining eye contact she slowly licks her lips. Reality check- if you run into this situation, she is probably more interested in what is in your wallet than what is in your heart.

However, body language really is important. She won’t be that blatant, but you will notice that she is more open to you.

She Laughs At Your Jokes: Face it, you probably aren’t really that funny, but all of a sudden she is hanging on your every word and she is tittering at your every joke. She is not saying that you are that funny, she is telling you that she wants you to feel good. Let her.

Her Eyes Are Telling You Secrets: She used eye contact to get your attention, but now that she has you attention she keeps looking away. However, you do catch her sneaking glances at you when she thinks you don’t see. This is a defense mechanism. Your best move is to let her keep it up because it lets her be comfortable, and the more comfortable she is, the better for both of you.

Sudden Changes in Behavior: You need to know her a little bit to pick up on this one. If she is a normally outspoken lady, but as soon as you walk into the room she becomes quiet and shy, it could be that she is trying to avoid looking foolish or embarrass herself in front of you.

She Is Suddenly Interested In Your Hobbies: There are lots of dating sites which are set up to bring together people who have certain interests, so it may be you have more in common than you think. However, if she is suddenly fascinated by your collection of Holden hubcaps, it might be you, and not the hubcaps that she finds fascinating.