The Real Reasons You're Not Getting A 2nd Date


Do you ever wonder why you’re not getting that second date even though the first one seemed to go well?

First date ends and you walk through the door thinking about how well the conversation flowed all night, there were no awkward pauses and chemistry was bubbling like you didn’t expect. But a few weeks later, there’s still no sign of a second date - the million dollar question is why?

You both felt the that the date went well but for some unknown reason, it didn’t turn into something more. Feeling frustrated and confused is an understatement and of course you’re thinking the worse like “She/he is probably married.”

There are hidden reasons that we may not look over in the space of frustration and it’s simply because there is no romantic interest. You may be the most interesting person who can capture the attention of an entire room and in the moment of your date, you may feel sparks flying, but it may only just be the spark of attention.

Your date was more than likely genuinely interested in you and vice versa but after the first date, they feel that a friendship is better suited than a relationship. Friendship also have chemistry, they also have common interests and can have an incredibly good time together - hence a friendship.

Finding the right person who has the right state of mind as you in developing a relationship. Don’t let these ‘first date only’ situations get you down because they have the potential to turn into beautiful friendships!

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