They live too far...


As matchmaking consultants, one of the major barriers for two people to successfully match is location, location, location! Sure, the location of your potential life partner may make a big impact on your life but what if you missed out on finding ‘the one’ just because he or she lived 2 hours away? Doesn’t it feel like a missed opportunity? Turning down a date based on their location is discouraged by Vital Partners. We feel everyone deserves a chance because if you happen to meet the right person, the distance won’t even be a factor in your mind.

Excuses we’ve heard include, ‘I don’t have time to travel far’, ‘does that mean I have to move if we become a couple?’ and ‘location barriers equals communication barriers’. So in this blog post, we’ll be addressing all these excuses that clients often give us.

I don’t have time to travel

When it comes to time, you’re not the only one that gets given 24 hours a day. We are all on the same boat. Making time for someone in your life is so important and giving that extra effort at the beginning of a relationship shows initiative and interest.

If you feel like you don’t have time, take this as a short trip! Two birds one stone. If the date doesn’t work out, you can always enjoy the peace and quiet away from work.

Does that mean I have to move?

Before you go jumping into a house and kids, make sure the person is the right person first! This is a question for down, down, down the line! This shouldn’t even be a thought on your mind at this point in time so don’t scare away your date by asking this question.

If, down the line you feel that the relationship needs to be taken to the next level, you will need to learn to compromise on living situations.

Location barriers equals communication barriers

This statement couldn’t be more wrong. Communication barriers are not brought on by the distance of two people. They are only negatively affected if you put up those barriers yourself. We live in a world full of technology that has helped us call loved ones from across the globe, or even video chat and be able to physically see them. Use these advances to your advantage!

What excuse do you have?

Call Vital Partners today and don’t allow location to be a barrier for you to find love.

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