Thinking About Marriage?


So you’ve taken the ultimate step in committing to your partner, for life. You’re thinking of getting married and here’s what you need to know before you say ‘I do’.

All habits come out

When you go from seeing each other a few days a week to living with them 24/7, everything comes out of the wood works. You’ll come to learn everything, from living to eating, sleeping to bathroom habits. Let’s just say, comfortable is an understatement when you’re married and living together.

You marry their family too

Ever heard of ‘you don’t just marry the girl/boy, you marry their family too’ - in other words, things can get complicated. Your mother in law will want to be in on everything, so you’ll find yourself talking to your mum and most likely repeating it to your mother in law too. You’ll have a whole new family and dynamics can get tangled in a difficult web but remember that you and your spouse are a team and you need to fight for each other no matter what the argument is.

Best friends first

We’ve said this in a blog post before, you can read it in detail here. However, we feel it is so vitally important for a couple to be best friends before anything. Don’t marry someone that is not compatible to you because that can go haywire very quickly.

Continued communication

If you were communicating healthily during the relationship, expect to continue this in your marriage - if not even more. Communicate consistently and talk about everything - little, minuscule or big. You should both have a strong foundation of trust and honesty, especially when you embark on this road of marriage and commitment.

Vital Partners