Time to Be Selfish

selfish in love

As we come to the end of another year, most of us are thankful and in a selfless mood due to Christmas. This time of year is special and works wonders on us as human beings. We become giving, our moods are lifted and our energy is positive. We tend to think of others before ourselves however 2018 is the year where you become selfish.

The word ‘selfish’ often has a negative connotation. People associate the word with being greedy or narcissistic, however, we’re here to change that. We want to talk about being selfish in a good way.

If you’ve spent most of your life putting others before yourself, 2018 is the year where you’ll learn to put yourself before others. It’s a year where you learn to love, support and appreciate yourself. This year is about you.

Selfish in Love

Shall we start with the most important one? If you’re single, it might be because you’ve been too selfless to think about your love life. You’re too busy setting your friends up and being the bridesmaid, but it’s time to be the bride. To find ‘the one’ you need to be selfish and that means focusing on yourself fully. We encourage you to make an enquiry with Vital Partners and let us help you find your perfect partner. Let Vital Partners be an integral part of your 2018!

Selfish in Friendship

If you’re that friend that drops every single thing for your friends in need, that needs to stop. We don’t mean become a bad friend. Be a great friend without having to sacrifice your sleep for 2am pick ups, be a great friend without having to put your own problems aside because you’re listening to others, be a great friend without being tread on because you are too sweet to speak up.

A friendship is a 2 way street, meaning you give and you take on both ends.

Selfish in Family

If you have your own family and some people aren’t pulling their weight, you need to be stern and let them know. Whether you’re a parent or a partner, don’t take on all the housework because you feel bad asking for help. Remember that a family is a unity of people who are suppose to help each other out, make sure everyone is doing what they can to make your household as happy as it can be.

Selfish in You

Finally, if you’ve always been a selfless person, you need to practice selfishness. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Get your physical health on track. If you feel your fitness and health is not up to par, this needs to change now. In order to be selfish, you need to look after yourself physically.

  • Get some personal space. In today’s world, it can be difficult being completely alone. The phone is always ringing or messages are constantly coming through. You need to dedicate some special time to yourself so you can simply stop, reflect and think.

  • Work for yourself. If you hate your job, it’s time to move on. Find a career that you’ll be happy and healthy in. A job that you enjoy doing - not only does this tick off career goals, it’s also extremely significant for your mental well-being. A stressful and loathsome job is not a selfish act on your part. Find something that’s for you.

  • Love yourself. Find new hobbies that you think you’ll love. Get a new haircut that you’ve always wanted but too afraid to get. It’s little things like these that will get your heart racing again and make you fall in love with yourself. You’ll start to think ‘Wow, I can do that.’

As angels of Vital Partners, we feel it’s so important to work on yourself. To be in love, you first need to love yourself. So kick 2018 off by being selfish! And make sure to make an enquiry with our Sydney matchmaking experts today to kick start your love life!

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