'Tis the Season to Be In Love- For Her


Here at Vital Partners, we believe everyday should be a day filled with love and joy, especially around the holiday season. The countdown to Christmas is officially on. You have less than 20 days left to find the perfect gift for her. Don’t let the stresses of December get to you! We’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide to assist you find the ideal gift for your loved one. Every item has been linked so just go ahead and click on them!

Our Gift Guide for Him is located here!

For Her

We know how difficult women can be, especially for a gal that has everything! If you and your special lady are all about experiences, there are some fabulous offers that you could find that are all about giving the gift of experience. Vital Partners has done some research on Red Balloon and come up with some of the best offers we feel a girl would love!

For your extreme gal

For the gal who loves to relax (basically all females!)

For your romantic dates

Now for gifts that are more tangible, we’ve also compiled a list that we found for you to wrap up and give to her on Christmas Day! We’ve listed a couple of different types of gifts; some that are higher end and others more affordable.

Scented Candles:

If your woman loves to decorate her home and make it smell delightful, scented candles are the in thing this season. From Christmassy scents to fruit and dessert scents, there’s bound to be a candle for your special lady.

Glasshouse Fragrances Tahaa Vanilla Caramel; $39.95-$45 @ Glasshouse Fragrances, David Jones, Myer

This scent is the ultimate dessert scent. This will make your entire home smell like sugar, caramel and vanilla.

Soy Candle Coconut & Lime; $8.00 @ Target Australia

This little steal is one delightful gem. It’s refreshing and smells absolutely clean. For a more affordable price, you can purchase multiple scents that Target offers and gift it as a bundle.

Photo Memories:

It’s a known fact that women love to be sentimental! It’s hard these days with technology playing an active role in our lives and photos are stored on the computer and not developed like it used to be. Ironically, thanks to technology, companies have come out with amazing ways to develop your Instagram photos or photos snapped from your phone. All you have to do is send them through and you’ll get them delivered straight to your door. Place these photos in frames around the house and your special someone will adore them.

Origami.com.au; $15-$39.95

Origami is a Sydney based company that prints your photos from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or from your device in several different styles of prints. These styles range from Mini Magnets to Squareprints or Retrocards.

Some other companies that offer similar services include: Social Print Studio (this is a USA based company, probably better to order for a birthday or Valentines as international cut offs for Christmas ended on the 1st Dec). Photify is another company similar to Origami and is also Australian based.

IKEA Collage Photo Frames; $10-$30

If you’re not so much for technology and doing things online, you could pop into IKEA; they have a variety of photo frame collages that you could place photos in yourself. This would be a great gift for the sentimental kind.

Customised Items:

Women love pretty things to hang up or wear or simply look at. They love it even more if it’s customised. Having something tailored to just you is a special gesture and it says a lot about the effort you’ve put into the gift.

Vistaprint; Prices vary online

Vistaprint is an online website that creates several customised items that you can create. They range from photo albums to invitations and stationery.

My Name Necklace; $20-$1000 online

This website offers customised jewellery, specializing in necklaces. This is a great gift for anyone special in your life.

We know that there are so many more gifts that you could buy for your special someone, however we’ve decided to list the ones that people may forget about in the rush of Christmas.