‘Tis the Season to Be in Love – For Him

Here at Vital Partners, we believe everyday should be a day filled with love and joy, especially around the holiday season. The countdown to Christmas is officially on. You have less than 20 days left to find the perfect gift for her or him. Don’t let the stresses of December get to you! We’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide to assist you find the ideal gift for your loved one. Every item has been linked so just go ahead and click on them!

Our Gift Guide for Her is located here!

For Him

We all know how complicated women are, but there’s a plethora of gifts for the ladies. Men are truly difficult to buy for when it comes to the holidays, especially a man that has everything. It seems that when we look online for “Gift Guide for Men” most of the options that come up are extremely high end and are impractical. Vital Partners have come up with a list of practical, affordable and amazing gifts that you can purchase at the comfort of your work/home desk or you can go out and buy it the old school way.

We’ve listed a mix of different gifts for different types of men, take your pick and you can thank us later!

Most men love extreme sports and race cars, so we’ve turned to Red Balloon once again and found these amazing offers!

As for tangible items, it can get difficult for women to figure out what men want! We tried our best to come up with the best gifts we think men would love, want or need in their life (we’ll make sure they don’t cost an arm and leg).

Guy’s Gadgets

Most men love technology; they love looking at the nitty gritties of how something works. We did some research and found these cool gadgets for your special guy!

Thumbs Up Immerse Virtual Reality Headset; $62 @ ozgameshop.com

We all think virtual reality is pretty amazing. This will keep your man entertained while you do your Boxing Day Sale shopping spree. Essentially, this headset is a gadget that enables you to experience virtual simulations through games or 3D movies.

Bluetooth Splash Speaker; $49.95 @ thegiftedman.com.au

This little gadget is simple and practical. It’s holiday season and being in Australia, we’re most likely to spend this season by a pool or beach. This Bluetooth Splash Speaker is water proof, which means its shower and pool proof. This way, your man can enjoy his music in the shower clearly and in close proximity.

Tool Obsessed

If you have a tradesman for a partner, this is the best way to gift him this Christmas. They are head over heels obsessed with purchasing tools for work or to use around the home.

Sydney Tools; prices vary @ sydneytool.com.au (Locations of stores can be found on website)

This website provides all the tools you could possibly imagine. Tools you didn’t even know exists can be purchased here. But better than that, they offer gift cards in case you are absolutely clueless when it comes to tools.

Men’s Gift Baskets

We all know about flower bouquets and chocolate baskets that you can customise for your best friend, mum or sister; but men’s baskets offer so much more. This Christmas, you can pick and choose different baskets for your special guy, ranging from a huge chocolate bouquet to beer baskets! However, if you’re a DIY kind of gal and you know exactly what your man wants, you can purchase your own bits and pieces and put together a very tailored basket. We’ve listed some websites down below for you to choose from!

We hope that our list has assisted you in some way or another and that your special someone will appreciate your efforts this Christmas.