Too Afraid to Move On


In our last blog post, we discussed how to get over a heartbreak - in today's blog post, we're going to talk about another challenge that proves difficult when you're now over this heart ache. When you've had your heart broken, your mind is likely to steer clear of having your heart broken again and by doing this, you become afraid of falling in love again. There's nothing wrong with being afraid as everyone feels that way sometimes however this feeling may sometimes turn into missed opportunities.

Your previous relationship may have shattered your world and this is enough reason for you to build an emotional wall as protection. However, after all the pain and suffering from your past relationship you are still standing which means you are strong and there is a glimmer of hope in your heart for something new to come into your life. As human beings, our natural instinct is to want to be in love and happy however there's a big part of our heart also screams 'don't get hurt again!'. But along with everything else in the world, love comes with risks.

The fear of falling in love can also create a long-term effect on your psyche. For example, the fear you have created in your mind will prevent anyone from getting to know you and creating that special connection. You'll hold up a barrier without even knowing it and this can come off as snobbish or cold to outsiders looking in. The fear that you have will stop you from achieving wants and needs and it will stop you from allowing anyone new into your life. Letting someone in and taking a chance on a new relationship will allow your wounds to be healed and your fear to fade.

Taking a risk for love is what love is all about because it's okay to feel vulnerable and scared. But don't let that vulnerability scare you off completely. Learn to smash that wall down by being talkative in a social setting. Learn to put the phone down and strike up a conversation with a stranger - by all means, you don't need to commit yourself then and there, these are simple stepping stones you need to take in order to open up again. Another thing you can do is to stop feeling sorry for yourself - blunt but true. If you continue to wail in your misery, you'll fall into a pit of depression where you'll always feel like your love life will fail. No hope leads to no belief and that misery will become your reality.

It will never be easy to get over a heartbreak and more importantly, it will always be challenging to move onto something brand new. All you need to remember is fear will take you to new opportunities. Take the risk because without risk there is no love.