Travelling as a Couple


They say your first true test as a couple is when you first travel to different places together. Although travelling broadens the mind, it also really places stress and anxiety on individuals and more so on new relationships. The reality of travelling as a couple comes down to showing yourself entirely as a human being - you're going to find out things about each other that you probably didn't want to. You're probably going to accidentally say and do things that may come as a surprise to your partner. Travelling as a couple is a true testament to how patient, committed and motivated you both are to make it work in a foreign country. Here are our best tips for travelling as a couple!

Patience is a virtue

They say patience is a virtue - this statement rings absolutely true when it comes to travelling. From the moment you start booking those flight tickets, getting your passports ready, packing your bags and making it on time for your plane, the stress is flying really high. You'll probably find your girlfriend has packed way too much and you're probably the one stuck carrying the bags or you'll realise your boyfriend has packed too little and you'll spend most of the trip finding a razor to buy for him. Practicing patience is so critical at this point because tensions may be rising. It's a good idea to speak to your partner about any issues you may have before even leaving the country. Don't let blood boil whilst you're in the sky and thousands of miles away from home.

Once you have arrived at your destination, remember that this may be the first time you're both on foreign soil, the language and culture is different and may come as a complete shock to you. Being patient with one another will allow you both to be patient in this country - you'll have to grasp new concepts and ideas together and really work as a team to make this experience both fun and educational.

Work on an Itinerary Together

It's always easy going solo when travelling, you're able to practice spontaneity because you know exactly what you like to do and how it fits into your day. However, it's a lot different travelling in two's. You need to be 100% aware of what either parties would like to do during the course of the holiday. As everyone is different, there will probably be a 99% chance that there's something you want to do but your partner does not. However, the solution is as simple as creating an itinerary that fits both your wants. Doing your research is the most important thing before travelling - especially to a foreign country. About a week before you leave, you should both sit down and have a discussion about where you'd like to go and if there are certain activities you'd like to do separately - remember that you don't always have to be glued to the hip!

Make Memories

As the world goes digital, we often forget to document our lives with the use of an old school camera. Whether it be a Polaroid, an underwater camera, a digital camera or a GoPro, make sure you take a lot of photos for your future self. Even if this relationship does not work down the road, you'll still have amazing memories to look back on and even lessons to be learnt every time you look at a particular photo. Taking photos will allow you to tell stories to your kids and grandkids in the future so make sure to snap a lot of them!

Date Night

You're probably wondering 'why have date night when you're spending all the time you have with each other?'. Date night is a great way to reconnect your spark between all the tension and stress you may be feeling throughout the trip. It's a night where you're both able to get dressed up and spend some real quality time together over a nice dinner. Disregard the problems that you faced that day and just focus on your connection - be thankful that you have this opportunity to travel together and experience new wonders. It's the best way to take your relationship to a new level and discover new things about each other.

Have Fun!

Going on vacation is all about having fun and exploring new cultures! Try your best to stay away from negative vibes and bad energy because you didn't spend all this money on being angry or resentful. Plan activities that will take you to new heights and challenge you both as a couple - for example, if one is afraid of heights, do bungee jumping or parachuting together! It's always easier facing your fears if you have your loved one next to you. Travelling and exploring the mind is so important to us as human beings so never be afraid to try something new and always remember to enjoy yourself! If you beam with positivity you'll be sending our positive energy to others as well.