Valentine's Day Special - Food to Fuel Your Love


Have you ever wondered why, when you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you both gain some weight after a good few years? It’s because food and love are inextricably linked. According to science, there’s actually a hormone inside our bodies that attach our emotions to our loved ones as well as our need for food. When first entering a new relationship, our minds tell us that we should look a certain way in order to impress. However, after being with someone for a long time, we enter the ‘comfort zone’ where we’re less careful about how we look – we’re no longer being judged as harshly as before. So this year for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or in love, we’ve decided to dedicate this day to food and love. It can be your love for food or how you enjoy your food with your loved ones. Instead of showing you places to take your date, or presents to buy your special someone, we’re going to give you food ideas that will fuel your love.

Having a home cooked meal, prepared by both of you may lighten the special occasion and change the energy of the atmosphere. We did some research and found some amazing dishes that can be whipped up at home and enjoyed for Valentine’s Day. Not only will it be easy and fun, it’ll taste good as well (unless cooking is really not your forte).

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Anything to do with butter, chocolate, wine and pasta screams love and romance. Even if you’ve boiled some pasta and thrown in a dollop of butter, that will taste amazing. But let’s spice things up a little. We went on the hunt for variations of a perfect 3-course dinner. This time, we decided to use Pinterest, it provided us with countless recipes made or created by normal humans (as in, not professional chefs who make everything look effortless). If you want the recipes, click into the image down below to find all these delicious and romantic creations.


Starting off with something simple is always key. It almost as if you’re teasing your taste buds with something easy and straightforward.


  • Oysters; not only are these amazingly delicious, they’re also an aphrodisiac! They require little to no preparation if you like them raw. Add a shot of pineapple juice or tomato juice with some spices for a bit of a kick.
  • Cheese fondue; easy and delicious! All you need is a heatproof bowl, your favourite cheese and some steamed vegetables or light meats to go with it. Fondues have always been known as romantic because it’s essentially a little shared platter. Simple and beautiful.
  • Simple garden/Greek salad; something light and gentle on the stomach is a good way to start off a meal. Salads are always a good option and extremely easy to make! Switch it up a little and add different ingredients to create your own signature salad.


Main course:

The main course is where people put their heart into the cooking. It’s an important meal and the one people anticipate (unless you have a sweet tooth, then it’s the dessert for sure).


  • Pasta; Italy is known for being an extraordinarily romantic country so it’s not surprising when being told that pasta can represent love itself. Here is one of my favourite recipes that is easy to make with ingredients that are simple to purchase.
  • Steak or any other red meat; you can’t go wrong with a beautifully cooked piece of steak. Melt some butter on top and you’ve got heaven on a plate. Serve your proteins with a side of salad or baked vegetables and you can call it a day. Straightforward and yummy!
  • Fish and seafood; if you’re not a meat person, you can always opt for some seafood. However, I personally feel seafood is more difficult to cook than anything else (that’s just me). However, this recipe caught my eye in an instant! A must try.



The big finale. Make your partner fall in love again, with a sweet and romantic dessert.


  • Chocolate fudge brownies; you can’t go wrong with chocolate! This recipe says it all for itself. Throw some ice cream into the mix and it will be a magical night.
  • Chocolate fondue; if you’re not a cheese person, maybe opt for the chocolate share platter instead. Chop up some fruits, melt the chocolate and start dipping!
  • Berry pie; this is bringing back the old school love. Baking a pie can be as romantic as eating the pie with a loved one. Add ice cream to this one as well – mouth-watering!


As simple as that, you have several different options for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. By no means is this menu only for couples, if you’re single, cook it for yourself! There is no shame in that and you get to enjoy a whole 3-course dinner with a fancy glass of wine. Be sure to check out our Vital Partners Pinterest down below to discover all the recipes we’ve pinned! Enjoy!