What NOT To Do During Sex

Sex can be a very complicated subject to talk about, especially if you’re in the early stages of a relationship. You don’t know what each other’s wants and needs are as you probably haven’t spoken about it yet, or you’re still not 100% comfortable yet however there are untold rules when it comes to sex and we’re here to tell you what NOT to do.

Phones Away

One of the worst things you can do during sex is definitely checking your phone! Phones should be completely banned as it can come off extremely disrespectful - you’re distracted by something else and not showing your partner the attention they deserve. This is absolutely non negotiable and should be understood by both you and your partner.


Besides mentioning your ex partner during a first date, you also shouldn’t mention them before, during or after sex. Especially if you’re comparing the pair. No matter how good or bad your present partner is, hearing about your ex is probably the last thing they want so be respectful and keep them out of your head while you give your partner the attention and presence they want.

Too Talkative

Unless this has been established in the relationship that you both love to talk during the act, then try not to be overbearingly talkative. We’re not talking about dirty talk, but more like general conversation (yes, people actually do this!). It’s always good to talk to your partner before and discuss your habits when it comes to sex so you both have a good understanding of each other’s needs.


Sex is an act between two people, meaning both people need to be actively involved. Make sure there is an equal balance of give or take when intimate. Needless to say, for both of you to enjoy, you both need to put in some effort, work and time.


When we talk about sex, we have to talk about protection. As awkward as it may be in conversation, it’s extremely important and is a necessity before you physically get involved with someone for the first time. Talking about birth control methods and protection with your partner before you have sex.


Vital Partners