What Professional Women Look for in a Guy


Contrary to what your taken friends, colleagues, family, and everyone else who seems to tell you how easy it is to find a guy, sometimes in life, it’s just not. And don’t worry ladies, it’s the same for men: they too feel the pains of trying to find the perfect match in a pond that seems to have been overfished. At least we know what we’re after, and have created a list of attributes a professional Sydney woman is looking for in a man in the hope of opening their eyes and their hearts into finding one of the beautiful women of this beautiful city.

Read on for the list of matchmaking traits of the modern man for the professional woman. 

A Man Who Motivates Them 

Women don’t want a man who roars into a relationship and asserts his dominance at every turn. This is 2017, get with the program, fellas! Relationships are a reciprocal partnership in which a man is required to inspire and motivate his partner into being the best that she can be – and not just the other way around. A man should support his partner through all of her endeavours in work and leisure, offering more than what they perceive as benevolent advice, but actually support and listen to their partner, lifting them up to succeed in the process. 

Ambition is an Aphrodisiac 

A characteristic in a man that women find really attractive is when they have ambition: they know what they want out of life and they are going to work to get it. Ambition is important for maintain a steady relationship: if one person in the partnership is content to sit around or sit just where they are in life it can create a negative attitude from the other side, it might sound harsh, but people, not just women, are not too keen to spend their life with a complete lay around. 


This is borderline cliché but it consistently rings true: women want a man who can make them laugh. Not only is a guy with a great sense of humour fun to hang out with, but they make things more light hearted when things get heavy. A guy with a great sense of humour helps anyone through the tougher times, not just their partner, and if they are able to help their partner through the more unpleasant times with some enjoyable banter then they are great in anyone’s books.

These are just a few of the things a modern woman is looking for in their partner, what do you think, guys? If you feel that you meet these three elements of a serious catch, sign up to Vital Partners, where we can help you find the perfect lady to compliment these wonderful traits you carry, we can’t wait to hear from you!