Why You Should Talk Openly About Sex


Sex is an integral part of our lives, it’s hard to ignore because it is everywhere in our culture; online websites, TV shows, movies, celebrity magazines etc. However, sex is one thing you shouldn’t ignore when you’re in a committed and loving relationship. Although not the most important part when it comes to relationships, it’s still something that every couple should learn to talk about openly and honestly.

Even though sex is a huge part of society, it’s still considered a topic of taboo and can be a sensitive subject to talk about. The basics of sex should be relatively easy, however, surprisingly it’s a very difficult topic to talk about, especially with your loved one. Talking about sex openly with your partner is just as important as the act itself and should be communicated about clearly. Talking about it can benefit more than just your sex life, it also strengthens your communication and connection. Here are reasons why you should talk openly about sex and how.


Openly talking about your sex life and sexual needs is a great way to increase your confidence levels  both within the relationships and life, in general. Being able to explore each other intimately gives you both a boost of morale and allow you to enjoy your sex life even more now that you know what each other like and dislike.

Start building your confidence with the support of your partner and talk about your sex life openly and effectively.

Bond with Your Body

This may seem like a funny point however, talking openly about sex also refers to being in tune with your own body. Exploring your body and figuring out what you like and dislike starts with knowing yourself first. Bond with your own body before you start bonding with another.

Sex is a very powerful thing in relationships, not only does it provide physical pleasure, it also increases romance and creates an amazing connection between you and your partner. Your body changes all the time, so always be in tune with your body and learn to love it as much as your partner does.


If you’re in a new relationship, there could be some confusion when it comes to sex. Your previous partner may have loved something or hated something however with your new partner, it might be the complete opposite. Sitting down and putting it all out there on the table is the most effective way to communicate. Don’t wait till a few months into the relationship where you’re unhappy with your sex life.


Again, if you’re new in a relationship, the topic of being safe in sex goes unsaid. Statistics show that in just one decade, syphilis cases have tripled and chlamydia has increased by 43%. As uncomfortable as it may be to have this conversation, it’s extremely important and can possibly be life-altering. Safety comes first when it comes to communicating openly about sex.

Sure, sex can be a topic of taboo, even in this day and age. However, you shouldn't let it wear you down. You should have the confidence to speak about it and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions either.


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