What is an introduction agency?

An introduction agency is a little different to a dating agency because as an introduction agency we work with genuine singles looking for a long lasting relationship. A dating agency may deal with casual dates, flings, or even one-night stands.

What are fees for introduction agencies?

Our process is a procedural one which means we firstly need to get a better understanding of who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship prior any work being struck on our behalf. Being a matchmaking service, we are understanding of all financial backgrounds that’s why we invite you for free consultation with one of our consultants to understand your requirements and how to best help you.

Why is dating in Sydney tiring for genuine singles?

We understand guys. It’s a tough world out there. Especially when it comes to dating. Dating options such as going out with friends or using the internet can be frustrating. Meeting men/women at bars/clubs may give you opportunity to meet a potential partner, but we find that the people you meet out on a Saturday night might not have genuine intentions of a committed and loving relationship. The internet tends to frustrate people because information given about a potential match is not based on truth and let’s not even get started on the photos. Being an introduction agency, we meet and greet our clients in our books ensuring that they are in search of commitment as well as ensuring their details/photos are all up-to-date.

What is my success rate dating in Sydney?

Great question, your success will largely depend on you. We find most of our clients who are successful are those who approach this journey with an open mind and a welcoming heart. For us, creating opportunities for harmonious relationships is more than our job, it’s our passion. Getting great guys and gals looking for love is all we do. We have a success rate of around 83% within the first 3-5 months. This number can fall above or below depending on your overall mindset and preferences. Chemistry is a funny variable that we wish we could create between you and a potential match, but that’s where you folks take away the show and switch on the fireworks.

How many men/women will I meet?

Using an introduction agency is another option of meeting single people one of which they have made a conscious decisions to work on their love life. At Vital Partners we don’t restrict you to the number of matches we create in the time we work with you. This is because we want you to find the right person for you. Match volumes are largely dependant upon supply and demand – where a Client requirements are narrow, fewer matches are expected and where broad, more matches will usually be found. When we first meet a Client and review their partner requirements we are able to state if delays should be expected.